Surprising Aldi cult buy sending shoppers wild

Gillian Wolski
Lifestyle & Entertainment Producer

Stop whatever you’re doing because everyone’s favourite discount supermarket Aldi has released yet another cult buy - and it’s flying off the shelves.

Aldi’s latest winner is a nifty pair of salt and pepper grinders that went on sale last Wednesday as part of their weekly Special Buys.

And let’s just say that shoppers are over the moon with the $9.99 kitchen gadget.

An entire week before they landed in shops, fans on the Aldi Lovers Australia social media accounts were already getting excited.

“Community Service Announcement. Those salt and pepper grinders are back. Prepare for chaos!” read a post on the page.

“Yay! Super excited,” wrote one fan.

“I’ve been waiting so long for those grinders!!!” said another.

When the Wednesday finally rolled around, the black, white, blush pink and baby blue grinders were hot property.

Apparently, you can’t walk away with just one.

“Thanks for sharing, I have three sets of these now,” admitted an Aldi lover.

“You guys went a little crazy with the salt and pepper grinders today (as expected),” Aldi Lovers Australia posted, before encouraging savvy shoppers to share locations that still had some in stock.

Sure enough, people flooded the comments with tips on where to grab a grinder (or seven), how much they saw on the shelves and even the exact time of day they saw them.

Spot the difference: the Aldi salt and pepper grinder (left) and the $130 MENU alternative. Photo: ALDI, MENU.

Luxe for less

You might be wondering, “Why are these so good?” - which is exactly what someone commented on the Aldi Lovers Australia post.

We’ll let you in on a little secret - courtesy of another in-the-know commenter, of course.

“They are copies of a brand called Menu which sell for $130 for the pair!” they revealed.

MENU is a rather fancy Danish design house - but we can’t tell the difference between the exxy option and the cheaper ALDI dupe.

We know which one we’d add to cart!

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