Is Aldi Really The Cheapest Grocery Store In America?

customers shopping at Aldi
customers shopping at Aldi - Scott Olson/Getty Images

So many people struggle with the high cost of living these days, which means finding an affordable grocery store is imperative. In a review of the prices found at big chains, Bravo Deal determined that Aldi is among the least expensive when it comes to weekly groceries. On average, Aldi shoppers have a weekly grocery tally of $185.18, while the same shopping excursion would cost you $225.22 at Walmart (a chain also well-known for its inexpensive groceries).

Shoppers must keep in mind that prices at any grocery chain usually vary from location to location, so some customers may find cheaper groceries at certain regional stores. However, Aldi offers consistently cheap prices when it comes to grocery staples and other goods. Just consider the comparison of beef prices between Aldi and Walmart, with Aldi offering more reasonable options in terms of price and better quality than the selection offered at Walmart. That makes it a beloved store among many shoppers who don't want to sacrifice quality for lower prices.

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Why Aldi Is So Much Cheaper Than Other Grocery Chains

woman shopping at Aldi
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The secret to Aldi's ultra-reasonable prices lies in its preference for private label goods. According to the Aldi website, over 90% of the chain's goods are store brands, with the rest of the inventory made up of name-brand items. These store brands are manufactured by third party businesses to be sold exclusively at specific grocery stores (Aldi, in this case). Private label goods are less expensive than name-brand products because they aren't associated with the same costs, such as marketing.

While these products don't have the same name recognition as big national brands, they certainly have much to offer when it comes to customer satisfaction. According to Aldi, "We are proud to say that 1-in-3 ALDI-exclusive product is award winning," which shows the care and consideration the chain puts into product development. Just consider the range of Aldi copycat products that taste like their name brand counterparts, thereby helping shoppers avoid the high prices found at other grocery stores.

How To Maximize Your Aldi Savings Even Further

Aldi finds signage in store
Aldi finds signage in store - Jeff Bukowski/Shutterstock

Savvy Aldi fans know that the chain's specials, which are updated on a weekly basis, are key to saving as much money as possible. These specials feature grocery staples as well as home goods, décor, attire, pet supplies, and more. Customers can get the scoop on Aldi's weekly specials by checking the website, which includes information on upcoming deals to plan your meals and shopping excursions.

The grocery chain also offers Aldi Finds, which are limited-quantity items that are often available for a steal. These products typically go fast, so shoppers are encouraged to visit Aldi early each Wednesday for the best chance of scoring new items before they fly off the shelves. And here's where you can locate Aldi Finds within the store to ensure you can take advantage of the major savings. Aldi is often praised for its reasonable prices, but the store's real appeal lies in the fact that its affordable products are also high quality.

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