Aldi $1.99 breakfast item causing a frenzy: 'Run, now'

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Just when we thought there couldn’t possibly be any more undiscovered products left in Aldi, one shopper has shocked us all by revealing one item people are loving.

Taking to a popular Aldi Facebook group, the woman uploaded a snap of the product, with the simple caption: “Delicious. Run now!!!!”

Aldi logo
An Aldi shopper has caused a frenzy over one item. Photo: Getty Images

The snap showed a carton of $1.99 Lion Choc Chip Pancake Mix, which one person in the comments section called: “The best shaker pancakes out”.

All you have to do is add milk to it, shake the mix and then cook up some delicious pancakes.

A lot of people in the comments section seemed to already be in on the fact that this pancake mix is seriously something to write home about.


“​​Yes these are the best pancakes i have ever had,” one person said.

“Yes these are by far the best instant mix pancakes ever,” another person added.

“My kids love it, sneaky Christmas elves got us hooked,” another wrote.

Lion Choc Chip Pancake Mix
The Lion Choc Chip Pancake Mix is a big winner with shoppers. Photo: Facebook

Others said they use water to make theirs instead of milk and some said they love the vanilla flavoured ones.

It comes after another Aldi shopper discovered a great alternative to buying fresh herbs in her local Aldi – herb pouches with a long shelf life which, once opened, last a month in the fridge!

"Found these yesterday in the jar section! These little pouches were about $1.20ish and have 75g of product in them," Sofia wrote on an Aldi Facebook page.

"These are perfect if you don't go through enough of the herbs/flavours to buy them weekly and I do prefer these over the dried versions from Coles, because they have a lot more flavour," Sofia said.

"I don't believe these are new, but thought someone would appreciate the post."

Aldi herb pouches
Another shopper discovered a great alternative to buying fresh herbs in her local Aldi. Photo: Facebook

"I’ve never seen them before. I think they will be great. I’m going to buy some. I prefer the pastes over the dried version too. Thank you for sharing," one commented.

"Looks great ... and cheaper than the tube ones. I use my tube ones directly from the freezer, they don’t freeze solid and last longer in the freezer. Wonder if these would be the same?" another wrote.

"l hadn't thought of freezing them. Thanks. Great idea," another added.

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