Aldi’s Has New Olympics-Themed Merch That’s Sure To Sell Out Quickly

It's $30 cheaper than other stores.



Every week, we think we can’t love Aldi anymore, and yet, its latest Aldi Finds list comes out, and we’re proven wrong time and again.

Typically, we’re drawn to Aldi for its cheap deals on delicious food and product copycats that cost half as much as the name-brand version. While we’re still rushing to the German grocer for our favorite Mama Cozzi’s pizza and bakery dessert, our upcoming walk down the “aisle of shame” is going to look a little different.

Beginning July 17, you’ll see some new merch in the Aldi Finds aisle—but it might not be what you expect. Normally, when Aldi releases themed merch, it’s part of its fan-favorite Aldi Gear line, which has seen multiple drops.

However, instead of releasing a summer Aldi Gear collection this week, the brand is going all in on its team spirit for the summer Olympics. Just in time for the Opening Ceremony, Aldi is rolling out a line of Team USA gear for less than $10.

Aldi Releases Olympics Team USA Merch

The week leading up to the Olympics’ July 26 kickoff, you’ll find USA t-shirts, belt bags, balls, and water bottles at Aldi. The products all retail between $3.99 and $6.99, making them $30 less than the official gear you can buy from the Team USA shop.



Here’s what you’ll find:

  • USA Sport Squeeze Bottle: $3.99

  • Mini USA Sports Balls: $4.99

  • White and Navy Ladies USA T-shirt: $4.99

  • Navy and Gray Mens USA T-shirt: $4.99

  • USA Belt Bag: $6.99

Aldi’s USA-themed gear will be available at all Aldi locations nationwide while supplies last—and seeing as Aldi Gear sells out as quickly as it does, we’d expect this merch to fly off the shelves even faster.

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