Aldi mum starts fierce debate with controversial parenting question

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A mum has caused a fierce debate online after asking a mum’s group how much they charge their adult children to still live at home with them.

The woman posted the question in a group where people usually chat about Aldi items but she explained that the food she buys for the house is from the popular supermarket chain.

Senior woman is enjoying a catch up with her daughter. They are sitting in the kitchen drinking cups of tea.
A mum has started a fierce debate online after asking how much people charge their adult children for board. Photo: Getty Images

Since the question was put out to the group, it’s already received over 700 comments, with things getting heated over what the norm is in this kind of scenario.

The woman clarified that her child is actually a full-time working adult, who still lives at home.

Responses came in thick and fast, with people throwing out the amount they charge their adult children for board, using electricity, wifi and keeping them fed.

Many people said $100 was enough, with one person even saying that she took $100 per week from her child and then surprised them when they moved out by handing all the money back to them so they could be more financially stable.

“This is what my parents did. It was a lovely surprise,” a woman commented.

Others said it depends on how much they earn and what kind of help they provide in the household.

“When me and my brothers were all still home and earning, they paid about $50 a week each (cos they did bugger all lol), I paid nothing cos I did all the housework (Mum was a nurse, working night shift) except the boy's washing, plus I helped with the cooking. This was a few years ago though,” one person wrote.

However, another woman disagreed, saying it shouldn’t matter what they earn because making them pay their way gives them a good lesson in budgeting.

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People had very different opinions on the topic. Photo: Getty Images

Another mum simply said she charges her child $200 per week, which includes everything.

People were shocked, with one person saying: “I’m glad you’re not my parent”.

Many people saying they actually don’t make their children pay anything, no matter how much they earn or what age they are.

“I wouldn't ask my children for any money ever. They would be expected to help out obviously but not to pay me to live in their house. I never paid at my parents. I was able to buy my own home mid 20s,” one person wrote.

“Nothing. My personal opinion is that your child should be able to live in your house under your roof without having to pay rent. Unless you are struggling to pay bills I don’t see the need for parents to “charge” their children to live in their own home,” another person said.

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