$3.99 Aldi item sends internet wild: 'Hide them all for yourself'

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One woman has sent the internet into a spin after sharing an image of a ‘delicious’ Aldi item.

The mum took to a Facebook group after tasting the shop’s $3.99 Monarc Indulge Gourmet Ice Cream Cookies.

Aldi ice cream cookie
One woman just had to take to Facebook after she tasted Aldi's ice cream cookies. Photo: Facebook

“Seriously this is delicious. Get a 4 pack and hide them all for yourself,” she wrote.

“I haven’t even turned the tv on yet I just sat in bed doing nothing but eating this ice cream lol 10/10.”

Many people agreed with the mum, with one person saying they never last the night in her house.

“My husband and boys LOVE these. Highly recommend them,” she wrote.


Ice cream cookie with a bite taken out of it
They are $3.99 for a pack of four. Photo: Facebook

Another person called the ice cream delights “very addictive” and another said she bought five boxes of them in one day.

The ice cream cookies are currently on sale from $4.19 for a four pack to $3.99.

They are available in chocolate fudge, vanilla, mint and strawberry.

 Aldi store in Marsh Lane Bootle, Liverpool.
Many parents are loving Aldi's back to school Special Buys. Photo: Getty Images

While many were losing it over the ice creams, others were excited about the back to school Special Buys that are about to fly off the shelves.

Hitting stores on Wednesday, January 13 is a whole swag of back to school essentials including a range of affordable leather shoes in several styles starting at just $14.99.

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