Shoppers go wild as Aldi announces halloumi fries are back

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Aldi announced with this promotional shot that halloumi fries are back for good. Photo: Aldi

Fire up the frypan, or flick on that oven, because Aldi have come charging at the weekend with an unexpected treat you’ll want to get your mitts on.

Aldi has announced their beloved halloumi fries will be back in freezers from today, and they’re not going anywhere.

The supermarket giant posted about the return of the crowd pleasers last night, and at $4.99 for a pre-made pack, they’re a hard deal to pass on.

Thousands of halloumi enthusiasts have liked the post announcing the glorious return, tagging friends and sharing overjoyed reactions.

The Aldi Lovers Australia Facebook page shared the news to the delight of their fans, and the retailer followed with an official confirmation that the fries are back, and they’re back for good.

“Run don’t walk, halloumi fries are back,” the supermarket giant wrote in a Facebook post, also confirming that the frozen fries are now part of the everyday range.

The fries were previously a seasonal goody, so customers will be delighted to know they can now grab a pack at any time.

Houdini Fries

An eagle-eyed Aldi shopper posted the returning hero to Aldi Lovers Australia. Photo: Aldi Lovers Australia

If you’re hoping to chow down on some this weekend however, you’ll want to get moving asap.

It looks like people may have taken the Facebook advice a little too literally, because the post has been flooded with disgruntled shoppers who report that the cold section has been wiped clean of any trace of the cheesy-fry goodness.

“Hoping there's more stock in stores this time. Our store sold out in no time at all,” one wrote.

“I cant find them anywhere I have looked in 6 Aldi stores near me,” another wrote.

Some shoppers are finding the product so difficult to come by, they’re even labelling them ‘houdini fries’.

Those that haven’t run into the dreaded ‘sold out’ sticker were more enthusiastic.

“Jumping in car now!!! Calling Aldi asking them to hold the doors!!!” one thrilled fan wrote in the comments.

“They are Awesome (sic),” wrote another.

Others weren’t convinced writing the fries tasted ‘like rubber’, and ‘are not nice at all’.

Each to their own, but as one Aldi Lovers follower pointed out, the fries are best eaten straight from the oven as a snack, or fried in a pan or airfryer.

If halloumi is your cup of tea, we suggest you strap on your skates and get a move on if you don’t want to wait for a restock.

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