'I thought that was a toilet brush': Bizarre Aldi item trolled online

Penny Burfitt
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Aldi has raised eyebrows among shoppers with a very strange looking device that hit shelves as part of last week’s special buys.

A snap shared to an Aldi lovers Facebook group has seen many a shopper do a double-take at the product whose function is bamboozling everyone.

The Protane blowout brush was on shelves as part of the Aldi special buys last week. Photo: Facebook

The item is, in fact, the Aldi hair brand Protane’s ‘blowout brush’, a type of hairbrush designed to lift and volumise hair.

The item’s haircare function completely escaped several fans who didn’t know what it was or how to use it, even after examining it in store.

”I picked up one of these yesterday... had no clue what it was or how to use it,” one lady wrote.

“I looked at them and shook my head,” one woman wrote. “I couldn't work them out. I think I need a YouTube tutorial.”

‘I thought it was a toilet brush’

Comments ranged from bemused, to lewd, to downright confused. Photo: Facebook

Many didn’t even realise it was haircare-related and shared a number of hilarious items they mistook the brush for at first glance.

“I thought it was a toilet brush hahaha I went into Aldi today,” one woman wrote.

“I thought the same when I picked it up yesterday,” another agreed.

“Looks like a chimney sweep brush from Mary Poppins,” another shared.

Others argued it looked like a ‘sea urchin’, a ‘medieval mace’ or even a ‘medieval torture device’.

A rude mistakening

Some even wondered if Aldi was branching out into the adult pleasure industry with the kinky looking number.

“I saw this and thought of 50 Shades,” one woman wrote.

“Christian Gray eat ya heart out!” another agreed.

“Does it come with a vibrating device?” another cheeky customer wondered.

Knot for everyone

Others were still hesitant once they realised the item’s PG function, arguing it was a ‘giant knot’ waiting to happen.

“I tried it, my hair just twisted around it and knotted up,” one woman wrote.

“A brush that (will) create a massive knot and make you cry,’ another warned.

Others argued the brush was designed for shorter styles, and some even raved about the product.

“Have tried and loved it,” was one favourable report.

And if it doesn’t work, you can always repurpose it as an exotic sea creature or weapon of defence, apparently.

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