The Aldi Frozen Fish Sushi Lovers Are Going To Want To Get Their Hands On

raw tuna steaks on a cutting board
raw tuna steaks on a cutting board - Da-kuk/Getty Images

It can take decades for sushi chefs to master their craft, but that doesn't mean you can't figure out the basics for yourself at home. After all, making sushi is a rewarding experience as it takes practice, determination, and lots of research to learn. Plus, it's just delicious.

One of the biggest hurdles to homemade sushi beyond that learning curve is the price of the fish. Premium fish is simply a must if you want your sushi rolls to shine. After all, it is the main ingredient. Well, if the price and accessibility of this ingredient were a problem before, Aldi is breaking it all down now with its very reasonably priced Premium Ahi Tuna Steaks. (Actual prices will vary per store.)

These unassuming filets come in 12-ounce packages and are individually sliced about an inch thick. While they are a frozen, vacuum-sealed product, they are also sushi grade, and fish lovers everywhere have been praising the taste of these steaks for years.

Those interested in trying these tuna steaks for themselves can find them in the seafood frozen aisle. Big bonus: this offering isn't just for a limited time. These steaks are available year-round, so there's no need to rush to the nearest Aldi to grab the last few boxes. Still, these tuna steaks are fairly popular, so don't be surprised if they're out of stock.

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Fans Of This Sushi Grade Fish Weigh In Online

a bag of Ahi Tuna Steaks
a bag of Ahi Tuna Steaks - u/butt-nut-squash/Reddit

While some Aldi shoppers have never heard of this Aldi offering before, others have been raving about it for a while. In one Reddit post, fans took to the comments to confirm that these tuna steaks are, in fact, a worthy purchase. One user claimed they often used them to make poke bowls, while another said they are a staple in their freezer thanks to the low price and quality. The steaks also came highly recommended because they are individually sealed, which makes them very easy to portion out.

In another Reddit post, one excited user dubbed the product one of Aldi's best. Another fan offered up a comparison of these tuna steaks to Trader Joe's. "I even bought ahi tuna steak from Trader Joe's, their 'sister store,' and it was smelly when we opened it. Every time we get it from Aldi, it's always fresh."

Finally, social media users on X, formerly known as Twitter, were quick to offer up suggestions for preparing these tuna steaks, from searing it with sunflower oil to topping with soy sauce, sesame seeds, and cucumber in a rice bowl. No matter how you prepare these, it's clear that most fans find the Aldi tuna steaks a good deal for the price. As far as other options for sushi lovers, Aldi doesn't stop there.

Another Aldi Product Sushi Lovers Might Enjoy

Fusia Asian Inspirations frozen Califoria roll
Fusia Asian Inspirations frozen Califoria roll - u/just_like_a_baroness/Reddit

While Aldi does offer an ideal tuna steak to help you create sushi from scratch, it provides something equally enticing for its sushi-loving customers. We're talking about Aldi's Fusia Asian Inspirations frozen sushi rolls.

These convenient frozen rolls are a great choice for those who are craving a sushi roll but might not want to put in the work to make one. (Or the money to buy one in a restaurant.) From California rolls to shrimp and avocado varieties, you only need to thaw these, and they'll be ready to eat. This makes them a great thing to pack inside of a lunchbox.

Beyond these frozen rolls, Aldi also offers great deals on soy sauce, rice, produce, or many other sushi ingredients you might need. So, whether you're feeling ready to tackle a sushi recipe or not, Aldi has you covered either way.

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