ALDI's $80 kitchen Special Buy divides shoppers

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Aldi's blender has some shoppers raving, but others warn against them. Photo: Aldi

ALDI has dropped a very special Christmas goody today that has shoppers in the know over the moon.

Their weekly Special Buys are renowned for stirring up excitement, and on occasion outrage, but so far this kitchen appliance has passed unnoticed and now is the time to nab one if you can.

The supermarket giant’s Food Processor hit shelves for just $80 today, and from reviews online it’s an unsung bargain that deserves an anthem.

The 1000W power device will ‘blend, grate, chop and more’ according to the catalogue, and comes with a processing bowl, processing blade, dough mixer, spatula, grinder, slicing discs, citrus press and emulsifying disc.

If it sounds like a hunk of junk waiting to happen, think again.

Rave reviews on fan sites

People who have managed to get their hands on the multi-function device swear by it, including Instagram group Aldi Lover’s, who posted it to the bargain-hunting page yesterday with a personal recommendation.

Tammy, who runs the page, told Yahoo Lifestyle she couldn’t recommend it highly enough.

“I absolutely love it and it is well worth the value,” she says.

“There are so many attachments and different functions you can use it for so it’s truly multi-purpose.”

“It’s 1,000w so it’s pretty strong,” she added to an enquiring buyer, who wondered if such a cheap model could be trusted.

Others also recommended the budget find.

“I have this and it's such good quality,” one person wrote.

It seems however, other buyers have not been as pleased with the earlier iterations of the product.

Mixed reviews from unhappy customers

The food processor has some fans shaking their heads. Photo: Aldi

Amidst five-star reviews are a number of disgruntled shoppers who slam the product as ‘utter rubbish’

“I bought this from ALDI, got it home got it all together and nothing! Didn't work,” one shopper wrote in an online review.

The reviews, all from early last year and a slightly different model, all tended to agree, though more recent reviews remain more positive.

“I bought one for my mum last year and she loves it,” one shopper wrote.

“I have one from a few years it!” another agreed.

With a one year warranty attached it’s easy enough to take it for a spin, and we’re betting they won’t last very long so we recommend a hasty trip to your local ALDI.

The Special Buys have achieved something like cult status in Australia of late, with a similar drink bottle blender sparking a shopping frenzy earlier this year.

With the good comes the bad however, most notably the sale of the supermarket’s coveted Caviar Cream beauty products sparking controversy and complaints from customers as they are bulk-bought and re-sold online.

The supermarket has not addressed the resale of their products on eBay, some of which are asking up to ten times retail price.

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