Aldi employee dishes on the supermarket giant's secrets

Kristine Tarbert
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A leaked training video shares some Special Buy secrets. Photo: Youtube

When the queue snakes around the block and there’s a stampede once the doors open, you know it means one thing; Aldi has some serious bargains in their latest Special Buys.

Each week the supermarket giant has a range of products on special, and every now and again those products - think huge flatscreen TVs, or the cutest range of pet products - become some of the most desired items in the country.

Now a leaked Aldi Australia training video has spilled a few secrets on how to make sure you score the best Special Buy, if you decide to brave the crowds.

“Specials run right through the middle of the store,” Aldi store manager Ross explains in the footage filmed by Anvil Media, according to

“The new specials are displayed at the back and are advertised to go on sale every Wednesday and Saturday.”

In other words, if you’re racing someone to get to the latest product, head straight to the back.

Don’t get distracted by what you think might be the new items up front.

Ready. Set. Special. Photo: Getty

“Our older specials are condensed and moved to the front of the store as the product sells,” Ross continues in the clip.

“Specials bring our customers back because it means we have new and exciting products on sale every week.

He also revealed that every Aldi store has a “specials cage” in the back area, which means if you can’t find something on the shelves, always ask a staff member if there is any more out the back. You might just get lucky.

Finally, the video also explains that all Aldi stores are laid out the same way.

“This makes it easier for the customers to find the products they’re looking for,” Ross said.

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