$3 Aldi special buy fans can't get enough of

Sarah Carty
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Sweet tooth lovers are going wild for a $2.99 Aldi special buy, which is selling out like hotcakes in shops all over the country.

One mum took to Facebook to post an image of the elusive baking tray, revealing she managed to nab one of the last ones at her local Aldi store before they were all swiped up.

The baking tray is gaining so much attention online, because when it’s used with this baked doughnut recipe, it apparently creates delicious treats which ‘taste just like Donut King’.

This $2.99 baking tray is causing a flurry of excitement online. Photo: Facebook
The Aldi baking tray and the Aldi baked doughnuts recipe created these delights. Photo:
The woman created cinnamon doughnuts and chocolate icing ones. Photo: Facebook
The trays are flying off the shelves. Photo: Facebook

“Got to Aldi 2 min after opening and bought all the remaining donut trays - there was only a few left by the time I got there,” she started her thread.

“Came straight home and whipped a few batches. Recipe was the Aldi baked donuts from their website (I used skim milk as it was all I had but just went a bit heavier with the oil and butter to make up for it) First batch - dipped in melted butter and then a mixture of cinnamon and caster sugar. Second batch - chocolate icing (one cup icing sugar, 1 tbsp cocoa, 1 tsp milk) and sprinkles.”

Another mum revealed that she almost didn’t get her hands on one of the special buys at all, but good customer service proved to be a winner for her.

Other mums also posted their own pictures of their doughnut creations. Photo: Facebook
Another mum iced the delights and they looked incredible. Photo:

“Went to do my shop tonight and of course no donut trays left. BUT lucky me saw the guy who’s always there when I normally do my Thursday shop and asked him if there was any out the back. He went searching high and low and found me 2. He said he was happy to help a regular, haha I could of hugged him,” the woman said.

A fan of the product commented saying the recipe is “so yummy” and the cinnamon ones taste “just like donut king”.

“I really love their butter and icing sugar. They also have the best donut baking trays. I need more,” another person said.

Others weren’t so lucky, with one woman said she went to three Aldi shops that day but they had no doughnut trays.

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