'Disgusting': Aldi customers' public grape spat divides shoppers

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A woman has taken to Facebook after an eyebrow-raising altercation in her local Aldi left her seeing red, but left others nonplussed.

It all went down in the fresh produce aisle, where the woman in question was shopping for some grapes, something an unidentified individual was also picking up.

Customer shops the fresh produce section at ALDI as grape altercations kicks off Facebook feud
An altercation in the fresh produce aisle has kicked off some serious debate among Aldi fans this week. Photo: Getty Images

That was when the grapes fell, kicking off a chain reaction of privilege, clean up and public confrontation.

“I'm so angry with my experience at my local Aldi today,” the woman wrote on Facebook after the fact.

“Another customer was picking at the grapes on display, I was getting mine from the fridge. As I get up to go to my trolley she drops a whole bunch of grapes on the floor, proceeds along with her shopping.”

The decision to leave the grapes sprawled across the ground like some sort of fructose crime scene did not go unremarked upon by the Facebook poster, who revealed she decided to confront the grape dropper.


In a detailed transcript of the exchange, the two shoppers faced off in no uncertain terms:

“Me: ‘You dropped those grapes.”

“Her: ‘Oh yeah.’

“Me: ‘Are you going to keep walking?’

“Her: Looks straight ahead and keeps walking.

“Me: ‘Are you seriously going to walk away leaving those grapes everywhere on the floor?’

“Her: Keeps walking.”

The conscientious shopper then called in an aisle clean up from staff, whom she graciously assisted, but it was while she was chasing grapes that the final blow was delivered.

The woman who dropped the grapes returned to the aisle, not deigning to help, but simply observing the cleanup and thanking them.

“I head back and she is literally stopped in the aisle watching me cleaning them up with the worker,” the furious fruit shopper wrote.

Facebook erupts over grape showdown

White Grape, Aldi grape altercation
Grapegate kicked off a lengthy Facebook discussion. Photo: Getty Images

Needless to say, the nonchalance of the grape dropper and the fiery passion of the shopper sparked some serious discussion online, with many agreeing that scattering your grocery items on the floor and refusing to clean them up is a bad move, while other argued it perhaps wasn’t something to kick off a public row over.

“Omg I would’ve lost my sh*t!” one Facebook user wrote. “That’s disgusting! How rude of that lady!”

“Some people!” another wrote.

“You are the kind helpful one!” another agreed. “Don’t change! The world needs more people like you.”

“Some people can be so rude,” another observed.

Others weren’t so supportive, however.

“Not worth a confrontation with a stranger in public,” one wrote.

“Oh my darling, this world is so full of hate and judgement as it is,” another pointed out. “If it doesn't affect your life then let it go, too many times people are jumping to conclusions, she may have a disability etc.”

“It’s easy to judge but I have trouble picking things up off the floor,” another mum pointed out. “I guess you never know what someone’s situation might be.”

A general view of ALDI supermarket
Fans of Aldi are known to let their passion boil over when it comes to sales and poor behaviour. Photo: AP

It’s not the first time an Aldi altercation kicked off a serious debate online.

The stores are regular scenes of consumer carnage when their popular Special Buys go on sale on Saturdays and Wednesdays, frequently selling out in a matter of hours.

Last year two popular household buys sparked outrage when, according to reports on social media, the items were snapped up at lightning speed by shoppers who had queued outside their local stores ahead of opening time.

One Facebook user shared a video of the line outside an Aldi in Victoria that stretched all the way along the length of the shopping centre.

In another post, a ‘disappointed’ shopper vented about missing out on one of just two pizza ovens after queuing for over half an hour.

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