'I was afraid': Aldi shoppers get 'physical' as cloth nappies sell out in 'seconds'

Gillian Wolski
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Aldi's cloth nappies by Aussie brand Bare and Boho have sold out in seconds. Photo: Instagram/bareandboho.

Aldi’s Special Buys are notoriously popular, and it’s not unusual to see keen shoppers lining up outside stores in the early morning to get their hands on the week’s hot buys.

But this Wednesday, the typical rush escalated into full-blown mayhem that left some customers ‘afraid’ and other furious.

It all came down to one product in particular: a designer cloth nappy by Aussie brand Bare & Boho that sold out in ‘seconds’.

At just $14.99 each, the ‘plastic-free, forest-friendly’ nappies sparked chaos across the country as frenzied shoppers jostled and pushed to claim as much of the limited stock as possible.

The Bare and Boho nappies sparked chaos in stores. Photo: Instagram/taiyaduncker.

Aldi cloth nappy chaos

One customer took to Instagram to reveal how she’d felt ‘afraid’ in the face of ‘very fierce women’ who were determined to buy their share of the meagre number of nappies on offer.

“I’ve never been a ‘line up before the doors open person’ at Aldi, but today I was and I was lucky,” she wrote.

“There were some very fierce women who wouldn’t let you in to pick some for yourself. The stock I saw (I think about 36 nappies) went in 20 seconds. Literally. I managed to get some ... I even pulled some out for a mum who had a very new Bub attached, but was too afraid to get near the other physical women!”

Another recalled how a male shopper ‘pushed past’ her and another mother to clear out the shelf, calling it a ‘dog act’.

“Our store had around 20. A guy literally ran in the moment the store opened, pushed past me and another mum, grabbed all of them and bought them all. Such a dog act,” they wrote.

One customer who was first in line when the doors of her local store opened admitted she ‘went a bit crazy’.

Footage she shared to Instagram shows her sprinting down the aisles to snatch six nappies as a concerned Aldi staffer ordered the crowd, “Wait til I open the gate. No running!’

One 'ruthless' mum took matters into her own hands. Photo: Facebook.

A ‘ruthless’ mum

One ‘ruthless’ mum decided to take matters into her own hands but grabbing up all the nappies in her local store to distribute them among her fellow shoppers.

Her daughter, who was upset at missing out on the nappies, took to Facebook to share the tale.

“I lined up and tried to get a few nappies today but one lady took off with every one of them,” she wrote, adding that she then called her mum in Brisbane.

“Mum is a bit ruthless, so she went and lined up at her local Aldi... went in and scooped up the lot then handed them out evenly to all the mums who were there so no one missed out”.

The cloth nappies will be back in stock at Aldi 'in a few months'. Photo: Instagram/bareandboho.

‘Disappointed’ shoppers

Others were not so lucky, with many who managed to grab just one or two of the exclusive Aldi prints - and those missed out entirely - taking to social media to share their outrage.

“I got into the store 10 mins after it opened, nothing left, it’s ridiculous!” one wrote.

“Went to my local for 8.45am and sold out! Had my parents go to three other stores and all sold out by 9am!!” said another.

“I only got one! Another woman next to me grabbed basically all of them and that was maybe 5,” one reported.

“So disappointed I missed out, my local store in Bunbury WA had sold out in the morning,” another said.

“ALDI Beaudesert only had 3 on the shelf!!! 3!” wrote one.

“Yep my store was sold out by 8.05am thanks to the lady who took more then anyone would even need. I managed to get three!” wrote another.

“My store didn’t have any,” was one disappointed wrote.

“Just FYI, stores in Newcastle only received 6-10 nappies. That’s 6-10 individual nappies, not cartons. I know because I was there,” said one.

Brand ‘underestimated demand’

The brand itself admitted that their ‘minds were blown’ and that they’d ‘massively underestimated the demand’.

“Well that escalated quickly!” they wrote in a post on Wednesday night.

“We well and truly learnt a lesson today; Australians want cloth nappies, and y’all want them now!”

In response to claims that some locations had fewer nappies than others, Bare & Boho assured customers that ‘every [Aldi] store did receive allocations of stock’.

“We are talking about bulk nappy stock and numerous shipments, that took our entire manufacturing facility team 3 months to get the volume we needed for this initial launch - and still not even touching the surface of the demand!”

They added that they ‘hear your frustrations, we acknowledge your disappointment’ and revealed that Aldi will receive more stock in ‘a few months’.

Bare & Boho have been contacted for comment.

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