$3 Aldi cult buy leaves oven 'like new'

Gillian Wolski
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One woman has shared her hack for transforming a dirty oven. Photo: Getty Images.

Emily Moult was ‘dreading’ cleaning her oven ahead of an upcoming home inspection but at the last minute, she had a brainwave.

Instead of reaching for traditional oven cleaner, Emily opted to try the $3 Aldi ‘Tandil Ultra’ dishwashing liquid sitting in her sink.

The student from Newcastle told Yahoo Lifestyle Australia that her oven was “pretty dirty” but thought she’d give the grease-cutting dish soap a go.

Well, it worked - and Emily was so thrilled with the results that she took to the Facebook group Markdown Addicts Australia to share her efforts.

Emily shared pics of the Aldi product and the sparkling results. Photo: Emily Moult/Facebook/Markdown Addicts Australia.

“Warm water with a squirt of Aldi dish soap and a sponge... and my oven looks brand new!” she raved in the post.

She told Yahoo Lifestyle Australia that it took just 15 minutes to transform the inside of the oven from scummy to sparkling clean.

She also tackled the oven racks, soaking them “for a few hours” in some hot water and soap.

“It was the quickest, cheapest and easiest oven clean I’ve ever done. And best of all? No harmful chemicals and so cheap as I use it for my dishes anyway,” she wrote on Facebook.

“No more buying oven cleaner in this house!!” she added.

Now that's a clean oven. Photo: Emily Moult/Facebook/Markdown Addicts Australia.

Aldi’s soapy success

Members of the Markdown Addicts Facebook group were quick to share their praise for Aldi’s dishwashing liquid.

“This is my favourite dish washing detergent ever, I use it on windows, outdoor furniture, car etc.” wrote one fan.

“Great for soap scum in the shower too,” someone else piped up.

Apparently Aldi is a goldmine for cleaning products, with one member revealing, “The Aldi dishwasher powder is fabulous for range hood filters.”

Another had an alternative to Aldi, writing, “I use Fairy dishwashing liquid, ladies who don’t have Aldi grab yourself some Fairy as it does the same trick.”

Others shared their own oven hacks.

“Bicarb and lemon juice works well. I soak the racks in dishwasher powder and hot water,” wrote one.

“Another trick is to place an oven proof dish full of water, diluted with a cup of vinegar. Turn oven on until water boils, turn oven off and leave for an hour or two. Most of the junk will wipe off easily. Also works for cleaning microwaves,” said another.

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