'Instantly fell in love': Surprising $5 Aldi item a cult buy hit

Penny Burfitt
Lifestyle & Entertainment Producer

When we think Aldi cult buys we tend to think weird, wonderful and above all miscellaneous, but the most recent item sending shoppers into a frenzy is smashing stereotypes faster than families are smashing it.

The latest buy that has ladies and gentleman drooling is both simple and timeless and from these reports, completely delicious.

The Cauliflower Bake is having a rockstar moment. Photo: Aldi

It’s none other than the humble frozen Cauliflower Bake, which is setting shoppers back about $5 and is getting rave reviews online.

If you find yourself asking how a frozen casserole variation could be worthy of such praise, look no further than the men, women and children singing its praises online.

“I bought it by mistake once and instantly fell in love,” said a smitten lover of the easy dinner.

“Well just cooked up the ALDI cauliflower cheese bake and its yummy,” another confirmed.

It’s happy days for those who found themselves reminiscing over the rubber-style frozen pizzas and powdery frozen ‘chips’ of our youths that were plated up like a nightmarish ‘treat’ on the weekends.

The frozen take on the old-timey classic is getting thumbs up all over the place. Photo: Aldi

But while the veggie content is great, this only comes with a three-star health rating so it’s no staple superfood.

Variations to die for

Weighing in at 800 grams, many suggest the product be mixed with its equally delicious cousin, the broccoli bake, to feed the whole family and even add their own recommendations for giving the frozen foods a signature spin.

“I mix the cauliflower and broccoli together. Yummo,” one visionary wrote.

“I smother it in Parmesan cheese and bake it, yummmo,” another recommended.

One woman questioned the bake ‘everyone is raving on about’, but if the comments are to be believed, she will find herself a quick convert once tasted.

“It’s a great meal to have in the freezer for emergencies when you just want a really yummy meal,” one woman recommended.’

“This and the broccoli one is amazing (oh my God),” another agreed.

An Aldi specialty, the Market Fare Cauliflower Bake has earned a 5-star Canstar Blue rating.

The ratings are based on customer satisfaction reports which from the looks of the chatter online, hasn’t waned at all.

Suffice it to say this is a cheesy bake we could sink our teeth into.

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