Airbnb host's infuriating CCTV find

Eliza Velk
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It takes a lot of trusts to let strangers stay in your home as part of the Airbnb experience and you can only hope you will get someone who will respect your property.

Unfortunately, that wasn’t the case for one Airbnb host who was left shocked by what they saw on their CCTV camera footage after renting their house out.

Homeowner Ben Newman had organised for a group of four guests to stay in his his three-bedroom property over a weekend only little did he know that group of ‘four’ was actually 25 people. 

“OMG you guys. My boyfriend has been renting his house on Airbnb and has a group of 4 people this weekend. Except 25 people showed up. Twenty f***ing five,” Ben’s girlfriend Mary Numair posted to Twitter. 

She then went on live-tweeting the whole scenario after things began to get even worse and the posts have since gone viral. 

Mary went on to explain that after Ben’s security camera alerted him of the guest’s arrival, they were shocked to find the “sea of people” turn up and decided to give their guests a call to see what was going on.

“So he calls the guy and is like ‘hey man, not to be rude but that looks like a lot more than four. My house can’t accommodate large events.’ The guy is like “oh gosh, I’m so sorry. We’re doing a quick bible study and then they’re leaving,” Mary posted.

Ben ‘begrudgingly’ allowed this after they said they would be gone within an hour, only to later see that they weren’t leaving and instead even MORE people were turning up. 

The couple took the matter to Airbnb who reached out to the guests, however, came back saying the guests claimed there was an agreement in place to let 25 people stay.

“Finally he calls @Airbnb and they’re like “are you sure you can’t accommodate them?” Literal dozens of people on a small rural septic system, nah,” Mary said.

Airbnb then agreed and attempted to remove the extra people – except they refused. 

The company then reached out to the couple saying, “I know the guests really violated the rules for having additional guests on the listing but I’m sure it’s not that easy for the guest to leave the listing… what are the possible options we can give to guest as a courtesy … it’s late at night, 11.22pm.”

Mary and her boyfriend weren’t interested in offering any ‘courtesy options’ and eventually drove to the property themselves to make the guest leave. 

When they finally managed to get the extra people to leave, Mary and Ben were even more infuriated to find that they had stolen expensive shampoo and conditioner from the bathroom.

“Oh, and they stole all the shampoo and conditioner. And the body wash. All three were the big sizes of EO. That’s like 60 bucks.”

Mary Numair is the homeowner’s girlfriend who tweeted the whole scenario. Source: Twitter/Mary Numair ‏

Despite the ordeal, Mary admits that she appreciated the support Airbnb gave them and later tweeted that Airbnb had sent her $US75 ($AU101) for the missing toiletries, as well as $AU842 for the reservation fee that they would have missed out on as the guests left early.

“As discussed on the phone if there is any other damages as a result of this incident please document the damage with photos and let me know, so we can assist you as soon as possible,” said an Airbnb representative.

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