The Air Fryer Will Take Canned Peaches To The Next Level

Canned peaches with air fryer
Canned peaches with air fryer - Static Media / Shutterstock / Getty Images

It's always disappointing to return from the grocery store or farmers market with what seem like perfect peaches only to realize that they're hard or flavorless. Luckily, canned peaches are available year-round and come in many forms, removing some of the guesswork from buying the stone fruit, whether for snacking or recipes. You can get them sliced, halved, diced, or in chunks, and they usually come packed in syrup, juice, or water. But not everyone likes the texture of canned peaches. That's where your air fryer comes in.

Putting canned peaches in the air fryer helps eliminate some of the excess moisture from the canning process, giving them a bit more structure and making them less mushy. Start by draining the peaches and dabbing them with a paper towel. Depending on whether you've chosen halves, slices, or something smaller, like chunked or diced peaches, you can put them directly in your air fryer basket or in an air fryer-safe dish. Spritz or brush them with a little oil if you like (just make sure you avoid aerosol sprays in your air fryer), and add seasonings like cinnamon, nutmeg, and ginger. Then air fry them for 10-15 minutes at 400 degrees Fahrenheit (or longer for larger pieces like halves). Behold: your next-level canned peaches.

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Use Air Fried Canned Peaches For All Your Favorite Recipes

Peach cobbler and ice cream
Peach cobbler and ice cream - Nina Firsova/Shutterstock

While your air fryer can take canned peaches to the next level straight out of the can, it's also the perfect appliance for all your favorite peach recipes. An air fryer is basically a small convection oven, so using it for baking is a no-brainer. Our three-ingredient peach cobbler recipe already uses canned peaches, so it's perfect for making individual-sized ramekins in the air fryer, especially if you're looking for a single-serving late-night dessert. You can also air fry canned peach halves in our easy baked peaches recipe and top them with homemade whipped cream for the full peaches-and-cream experience.

No matter which canned peach recipes you choose to adapt for your air fryer, just remember to taste your peaches first. Depending on whether they've been packed in syrup, juice, or water, their sweetness may need some adjustment (meaning you may need to alter the recipe's sugar content). Also, bear in mind that canned peaches are already partially cooked, so adjust the cooking time on any recipes that call for fresh peaches accordingly. Once you find the perfect balance of seasoning and cooking time, why stop at canned peaches? You're ready to put all kinds of unique foods in your air fryer.

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