Creepy detail in Air Force One meal goes viral

Penny Burfitt
Lifestyle & Entertainment Producer

A Halloween-themed meal served up on presidential aircraft Air Force One has the internet spooked today, and it’s not the grinning pumpkin who is the culprit.

CNN journalist Michelle Kosinski took to Twitter to share a hilarious snap on Tuesday .

The photo shows dinner on the presidential plane, shared by other journalists travelling on the high-security vehicle, that featured a charming Halloween-themed pumpkin dish.

Michelle Kosinski shared a photo of this spooky meal, but the real fright is hiding in the left corner. photo: twitter/ MichLKosinski

It was an unidentified food matter on a separate plate, however, that got people talking, namely to ask what the hell it was.

The offending dish can only be described as a lump of what looks like glazed carbohydrates of some description and has sparked an investigation of political proportions, fitting given its surroundings.

“I'm sorry what is this?” one man named Pete asked, sharing the following zoom.

Pete from Twitter isn't the only one wondering what this item is. Photo: Twitter/feathereddinos

He wasn’t the only one wondering either.

Others were quick to help with some hilarious suggestions of what in God’s sweet earth that mound of presumably edible substance could be.

Some thought baked goods were on the cards.

If that’s a scone, things have changed dramatically since my last tea party.

One suggested a tried and tested dessert was what was on the plate.

To this we might respond, bread pudding:

This is bread pudding. Photo: Getty Images

Not bread pudding:

We hope this is not bread pudding. Photo: Twitter

The guesswork became wild and varied as the likes crept into the thousands and thousands of comments came flying in.

Michelle herself even reposted the snap with the express purpose of getting to the bottom of the question, and the suggestions came in thick and fast.

While debate still rages, the journalist is giving nothing away, and we are no closer to identifying this greyish lump than we were to start with.

Internet sleuths continue their work as we speak.

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