What’s with the AI Meme Maker filter on TikTok that’s brutally roasting users?

Artificial intelligence (AI) has already infiltrated TikTok in a variety of ways, such as a popular virtual influencer generated by AI or a Capcut template that predicts what couples’ future babies could look like.

But TikTok now offers an AI “meme maker” filter that some users claim is “brutally roasting” them with its auto-generated memes.

The filter works similarly to others on apps like Snapchat: Users can upload a photo, and the filter generates a meme with text on it, apparently based on features in the photo.

Influencer @emmaakiko explained how to use the filter, which again, works similarly to Snapchat in that a user can take the filter off of another user’s video.

“At the bottom of the screen right above my name it says ‘AI meme filter.’ Tap on that and then upload whatever pic you want!” she described.

Despite its initial popularity, after some of the memes the filter produced became offensive, TikTok temporarily deleted the filter.

“If I had to guess it was probably being racist or inappropriate in some way and they took it down,” theorized AI influencer @blakely.gif in a TikTok.

“Or maybe it was a resource issue and there’s just too many people trying and got backed up and now they’re trying to fix it. Who knows? I hope they bring it back because really fun.”

“It made fat shaming jokes,” replied @kimberly_d4wn.

However, after public outcry from TikTok users, the app re-introduced the filter, adding a warning that “AI Meme Maker may not always provide appropriate or relevant suggestions.”

Since re-introducing the filter, TikTok users have been sharing the memes created of their pictures — often to somewhat shocking effects.

“Ai kinda rude tho,” wrote Liv Jones (@olivia.a.jones), sharing several examples of the “roasts” the filter created of her.

“WHY DID IT EAT ME UP LIKE THAT PLSSS,” wrote @the.madilorian.

“Are you ok?” questioned @estebanquito1500 in the comments.

“No,” @the.madilorian replied.

“Yall werent playing they really come for you,” added influencer @paigefuckinglawanda in a video that received 11.8 million views.

“Mine was really mean I don’t like this meme filter lol,” confessed @nashaytrower in the TikTok’s comment section.

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