AI meets masterpieces in 'The Impossible Statue'

STORY: This is ‘The Impossible Statue’

Locator: Stockholm, Sweden

It's a 2.8 ton stainless-steel sculpture made by feeding

the best-known attributes of five different sculptors

into the latest artificial intelligence technologies

(Robert Luciani, Computer scientist)

“If you take five artists from five wildly different eras and sources of influence, how do you combine them into one piece of art that's actually manufacturable? So the challenge is: what AI systems are necessary for this? What digital twin systems are necessary in order to figure out if this is manufacturable? And how do we blend all of these things together in a single project that's done efficiently and results in a compelling and amazing piece of art.”

Sampling, for example, Michelangelo's 'dynamic off-balance poses'

and Rodin's 'musculature and reflectiveness'

over 20 different tools and various

software solutions were used to create it

(Robert Luciani, Computer scientist)

"Once we were able to create images that really embodied the spirit of these artists we also had new models that created 3D models, that understood how the human body was posed and shaped, and fabric, all that kind of stuff, that culminated in a final 3D model which could then be manufactured.”

‘The Impossible Statue’ is now on display at the

Science and Technology Museum in Stockholm