Couple in 27-year age gap relationship mistaken for father and daughter

A couple with a 27-year age gap admit they are often mistake for father and daughter, but have defied the haters by moving in together,

Tori Barron, 21, met 48-year-old truck driver Eddie Smith at a karaoke bar in November 2017 and they were instantly attracted to each other. A few weeks later he asked her out and they went on their date.

“After the movie we were in the elevator going down to his car and he kissed me in the elevator and of course a big old smile came across the both of our faces,” Tori said.

After a few months of dating and falling for each other, Eddie, from Maryland, USA, declared his love for her.

Tori and Eddie met at a karaoke bar. Photo: Media Drum World/Australscope

“We had a crazy beginning for sure. When things calmed down and we started getting serious Eddie would always tell me He liked me a lot,” Tori said.

“One night he picked me up and he was driving. He told me that he needed to have a word with me. I legitimately thought he was mad at me for something, he then goes ‘I’m in love with you’ and I felt so much joy and happiness.

“At that point, I already knew I loved him but, I didn’t say it back. Not too long before we met I got out of an almost two-year abusive controlling relationship, so I was very touchy and sensitive with the ‘love’ word. About a month later I finally said it back to him.”

They became official in January 2018 and just two months later they decided to move in together and have been together ever since.

While at the beginning of their relationship, negative comments from strangers bothered them, they have learned to ignore them. People still appear shocked when they see them together and find out they are in a relationship, as they mistake them for father and daughter, with Eddie’s twin daughters being 27 years old.

Eddie has twin daughters who are 27, Tori is 21. Photo: Media Drum World/Australscope

One person even asked if Eddie was Tori’s sugar daddy, but that hasn’t stopped them from being together.

“I mean, at first of course it was uncomfortable. That’s the problem with dating someone older and younger, you’re bound to get questions,” she admitted.

“He has twin girls who are twenty-seven; they said that they were cool about it, as long as he was happy, and I treat him good it’s all good.

“I’ve had people tell me that dating someone old enough to be my father is disgusting.”

Despite this Tori tells anyone who is curious about an age gap relationship to go for it.

“You only have one life, don’t pass on an opportunity all e the age difference might scare you,” she said.

“This is the happiest I have ever been. Don’t let anyone tell you who you can and can’t be with.

“To anyone who might criticise my relationship - I tell them to mind their own business. It’s my life. Not yours. We are no different to a same age couple, we are just a normal couple who love one another.”

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