The age you actually need to start using anti-aging products

Sarah Carty
Features & Style Editor

While we’re all about aging gracefully here at Yahoo Lifestyle, we’r06e not going to lie, our ears perk up when we hear about ways we can keep the wrinkles at bay.

For decades the industry has been saying that we’re better off striving to prevent the aging process rather than trying to fix it once it sets in. But we’ve never really known exactly when we should be investing in products to try to halt the process.

This is the age you’re supposed to start using anti-aging products. Photo: Getty Images

Now, cosmetic physician Dr Nagd Farag, has revealed the earlier you start keeping your skin in tip-top condition, the better.

“Ageing starts from the age of 25,” Dr Farag told Yahoo Lifestyle, much to our disappointment.

“That’s the age the start to lose collagen.”

While she recognises that not everyone ages the same, she recommends beginning to take preventative steps from your late 20s to early 30s.

“If you haven’t, you can do mid 30s to late 30s and that’s fine,” she continued.

“Any time you feel you can start, then start to prevent. It has to be really suitable for your lifestyle.”

Dr Farag recommends living a healthy lifestyle so you never have to use anti-aging products. Photo: Getty Images

Dr Farag aims to get her clients to act quickly when they see signs of aging beginning to occur.

“You have to start early by looking after your health in general,” she said.

That means eating a balanced diet, drinking enough water, managing your stress, sleeping enough, not drinking excessively and not smoking.

“All these things are essential to achieve youthful appearance without needles,” Dr Farag said.

She also blames the sun for all of the ageing signs and urged people to protect their skin from the sun by using a good sunscreen regularly.

As for plastic surgery, Dr Farag said that is only usually necessary “at the end of the road for irreparable problems”.

“Injections are sometimes needed but the trend now is to do less injections because you want a natural appearance and you want a dynamic and expressive appearance,” she said.

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