Adorable toddler falls asleep on dad’s motorcycle

This adorable toddler is so comfortable riding motorcycles with his parents, he even fell asleep on one!

Angel Nicole (@angellnicolle) is a parent and TikToker who lives in Texas with her husband, Tate, and their two kids. Angel and Tate both love riding motorcycles, and often take their kids on motorcycle rides. In a recent video, Angel showed just how comfortable their toddler son is on a motorcycle. In the video, the toddler manages to fall asleep while riding with his dad!

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The video begins with a shot of a suburban street. Trees and homes line the street, while a handful of cars are parked on the otherwise empty road. In the distance, a motorcycle can be seen, slowly moving towards the camera. “When you’ve been around bikes since before you could walk,” Angel writes in a caption.

As the motorcycle advances, its riders begin to become clearer. First, Tate comes into focus. He is wearing a blue shirt, baseball cap, and sunglasses. From a distance, he appears to be riding alone. But then, as he comes closer to the camera, a small child can be seen, leaning forward on the seat, and wearing a large helmet.

The motorcycle drives up to Angel and stops next to her. Angel focuses the camera on the toddler, who is lying down on the motorcycle, with his head between the handlebars.

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Moving forward, Angel reveals that the toddler’s eyes are closed and he is fast asleep! Tate honks the motorcycle’s horn and the toddler doesn’t even stir. Then, Tate gently pokes the toddler in his side, causing him to finally wake up. The video ends with the bleary-eyed toddler looking around him in sleepy confusion.

Viewers couldn’t get enough of the adorable 2-year-old and his motorcycle-riding dad!

“That’s true comfort and trust,” one viewer wrote.

“I remember that’s how my dad used to put me to sleep,” one viewer recalled.

“I know the feeling. I’m more relaxed on my bike than I am on the ground,” commented another TikToker.

If Angel’s son’s comfort level around motorcycles is any indication, the toddler is going to be a real daredevil when he gets older!

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