Adelaide mum's incredible renovation goes viral

Marni Dixit
Lifestyle & Entertainment Producer

An Adelaide mum has shared her amazing renovation of a Tudor style house in the Adelaide Hills which quickly went viral on Facebook.

Kristen Doherty shared photos of the epic renovation, writing, "Three years ago we found this rambling old, empty Tudor/fachwerkhaus recreation in the Adelaide Hills.

An Adelaide mum has shared her amazing renovation of a Tudor style house in the Adelaide Hills which quickly went viral on Facebook. Photo: Supplied

"With bats flying around the top rooms, dark purple carpet and pink walls, it was pegged for demolition, the land value worth more than the job it would take to save it. We immediately fell in love and started on an epic renovation, doing ALL the work ourselves on a shoestring budget. It is turning out to be an incredible home."

One Facebook user wrote, "Absolutely beautiful. Well done! Lots of blood, sweat and tears I’m sure, but I can see it’s all been worth it!"

Kristen revealed that when she and her husband purchased the property there were bats flying around inside. Photo: Supplied

Another added, "Amazing! So glad you saved this amazing building!"

Someone else wrote, "Thank goodness you came along! It is magnificent!"

A fourth person wrote, "Oh it’s just gorgeous...and so special! Enjoy all your hard work in your beautiful and unique home!"

When asked in the comments when she bought, Kristen revealed they bought the home three and a half years ago, but the house itself had been empty for four years and before that an "elderly recluse lived in it for 20 years by herself".

Kristen explained that she and her family did all the work themselves "on a shoestring budget". Photo: Supplied

Speaking with Yahoo Lifestyle, Kristen said the reaction to her post "has been incredible", she said, "There are so many more luxurious and beautiful houses out there than ours. But I’ve had messages saying that it made people cry, gave them goosebumps and it’s the most beautiful house they’ve ever seen. Hundreds of messages. “

She also revealed that most of the materials were purchased at Bunnings, but other items were found cheaply, "The big French doors were from a scrapyard for less than $1k. The kitchen was just paint, lacquer and hard work...So far my husband is guessing [we spent] $70k," she said.

The home had previously been filled with pink walls and dark purple carpeting. Photo: Supplied

Kristen also added that the house has cost them $515,000 all up. She said, "That includes the butler's pantry too. Because my husband is an electrician so he was able to fix that while we smashed out the walls.

"We bought a secondhand oven and hot plate. We kept some of the cupboards, got cheap Bunnings cabinets to make an island. A $90 Bunnings wood slab which we did a high gloss epoxy on. Stained that to match the other bench tops. Painted the whole thing navy (white inside) and the copper lights were cheap because they were broken and he fixed them. I bought the glass knobs for less than $30 online for all of them."

Kristen says she and her family are very "proud" of the renovation. Photo: Supplied

She added, "This house seems to stir something in people. I think maybe because it looks a bit like a fairy tale house. But we got it for a bargain and we really have spent as little as possible on it. So for that, I’m really proud."

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