Add Potato Chips To Your Next Omelet To Transform The Dish

omelet garnished with chips
omelet garnished with chips - Raeesa Abdool Carrim/Instagram

An omelet is not just an omelet when potato chips are involved. With the inclusion of salty crunch in the form of broken chips, the simple dish of comfort becomes that much more enjoyable. The salty inclusion has been championed by El Bulli's Ferran Adria, can be seen prepared in the hit series The Bear, and has food bloggers calling the addition of potato chips a "revelation," resulting in "one of the greatest omelets of all time."

Whether your favorite chips to snack on are cheddar and sour cream Ruffles, spicy tortilla chips, or vegetable chips made at home, the added touch adds textural depth to the fluffiness of a perfectly cooked omelet, and the flavors from your preferred crumbles of chips can be matched to complement the herbs and cheese you choose to adorn your eggy meal. In addition to your favorite potato chips, reaching for freshly chopped chives can turn up the flavor dial of your eggy creation, and adding crème fraîche to the center of your omelet can impart a creamy, decadent element to your recipe before you garnish your dish with your choice of salty crumbles.

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This Might Be The Perfect Omelet

potato chip omelet on plate
potato chip omelet on plate - Alessandra Ciuffo/Instagram

Heat butter or olive oil over medium heat in a nonstick pan before adding your whisked eggs. Add crumbled chips directly to your whisked mixture of eggs or use those last remaining crumbs in your favorite bag of chips to garnish a freshly plated omelet. Whether you've decided to add bits of potato chips to the raw eggs or have decided to keep your recipe a bit more traditional, stir the eggs for about one minute until they begin to set. Once the top of the omelet has solidified, your choice of cheese and fillings can be added before you begin to roll or fold your eggs into an omelet shape and plate the dish to serve.

Finish your omelet with extra butter, salt, ground pepper, fresh chives, and more crumbles of chips. The crunchy, salty potato chips on top of smoothly cooked eggs are a match made in culinary heaven, and you'll be saving the crumbles at the bottom of your next empty snack bag while keeping this dish in mind.

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