Add A Dash Of Worcestershire Sauce To Liven Up Those Scrambled Eggs

bottle of Worcestershire sauce
bottle of Worcestershire sauce - Thomas Faull/Getty Images

Aside from being impossible to pronounce, Worcestershire sauce is also a versatile sauce and useful pantry staple. This fermented sauce boasts a powerful taste thanks to its many flavorful ingredients, including vinegar, molasses, onion, and garlic. This unique combination of tastes creates a distinct umami flavor -- which helps elevate many savory dishes.

Commonly used in savory drinks like the bloody Mary, or marinades for briskets and steaks, there's a lot this sauce can bring to the table. But have you ever thought about using Worcestershire sauce in your scrambled eggs?

Eggs go great with flavorful sauces since these proteins are pretty basic on their own. Worcestershire sauce can amplify the already savory flavor of eggs -- and once you add it, it might be hard to go back. While it's not the most unconventional way to use Worcestershire sauce, it's still a big elevator of the breakfast game. Let's dig deeper into what this sauce can do and how to use it with eggs.

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How To Use Worcestershire Sauce In Your Eggs

plates of scrambled eggs
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You can add Worcestershire sauce to your eggs at any stage in the cooking process, but adding it while you're whisking the eggs in a mixing bowl might be the best time. This method ensures your eggs are fully incorporated with Worcestershire's umami flavors.

Shaking some of the sauce on your eggs after they have cooked will also work. Start by adding just a few quick dashes of the sauce to your eggs. You can always adjust the amount the next time you cook.

Worcestershire sauce is ideal for scrambled eggs, but if you opt to use it, there are a few things to remember. First, Worcestershire sauce is packed with sodium, so pay attention to how much salt you use when making this breakfast. Start by seasoning the eggs with just the sauce, then taste. If it needs more salt, shake to your heart's content.

Why To Add This Condiment To Your Eggs

girl making scrambled eggs
girl making scrambled eggs - Alvarez/Getty Images

Scrambled eggs are one of those meals that everybody cooks differently. You don't have to stick with our advice of adding Worcestershire sauce. There are many sauces and spices you can use to jazz up this breakfast favorite.

Fish sauce is a close cousin of Worcestershire sauce, as it has those same umami flavors that go great with eggs. Additionally, one of the main ingredients in Worcestershire sauce is anchovies, so these sauces really do share a similarly fishy flavor profile.

If you prefer spicier flavors and adding a pop of color, try adding Tabasco sauce to your scrambled eggs next time you cook. This hot sauce is a more common scrambled egg additive, but it's a classic for a reason: the savory and spicy flavor of Tabasco matches well with eggs. But Worcestershire's complex flavor makes this sauce the more interesting addition.

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