Adam Liaw's mushroom and chicken nuggets with Southern BBQ sauce

MasterChef's Adam Liaw has created a deliciously healthy mushroom and chicken nugget recipe, try it out at home!

Video transcript

ADAM LIAW: First we're going to prepare some button mushrooms. These go into a food processor with some chicken breast and an egg seasoned with salt. Blend that until smooth. Then scoop the mixture into a bowl of corn flour. Coat the mixture in corn flour to create your nuggets. We're going to freeze these for 30 minutes. While that's happening, we can create the nugget batter by combining the batter ingredients and just whisking them together.

We're going to dip the Nuggets in the batter and then put them back in the freezer for another hour. After that they should look something like this. Cook the nuggets in oil and let them drain on a paper towel. Then mix all the sauce ingredients together for dipping and trust me when I say you have to try my mushroom and chicken nuggets with smoky barbecue sauce.