Ad for $100k nanny with Victorian values goes viral

Sarah Carty
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A couple’s advert for a nanny has gone viral online, after they wrote that they want their son to be brought-up in the Victorian style of parenting.

The ad, which was posted to and has been viewed by 160 childcare workers since it was uploaded, claims the chosen nanny will be paid $100,000 to bring their son up exactly how they want him to be.

The mum revealed they had parted ways with their last nanny because of ‘conflicting beliefs’ and now need someone who can ‘get on board’ with how they want their son to be raised.

Explaining why they want their son to be raised similar to the Victorians, the mum claims in the ad that the ‘style of parenting helped create well-rounded, respectable and polite young people who went on in later life to become great and successful adults’.

A couple’s advert for a live-in nanny has gone viral. Photo: Getty Images

The mum starts off by saying that the nanny’s everyday responsibilities will include getting her son out of bed, dressing him, bathing him and helping him with his home-schooling.

She goes on to say that her son is only allowed to play for one hour per-day and he must always remain in his ‘best dress’, no matter what kind of activity the nanny has planned for him.

“We believe that becoming a respectable person starts with always looking presentable and ready for any kind of occasion,” the ad reads.

The list of demands goes on, with the mum saying that she doesn’t want her son to have access to video games, computers, television or any other kind of ‘recreational technology’.

The ad was posted to the website. Photo:

Instead, she wants him to play with traditional wooden toys, board games and books, so he grows into a ‘respectable young man’ without a gaming addiction.

In a nod to Victorian parenting techniques, the mum wants her son to be shown ‘minimal affection in order not to spoil him’.

This means the nanny must only shake the boy’s hand and give him a kiss on the forehead at bedtime, ‘if necessary’.

“We know that the way we’re raising our son is not exactly conventional, however we believe that in the long run it will turn him into a reputable and virtuous adult that can make a real impact to the world we live in,” the mum finishes the post.

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