What It Actually Means When Your Oven Door Has Collected Moisture

Hand opening oven door
Hand opening oven door - HenadziPechan/Shutterstock

Have you noticed moisture collecting on the inside of your oven door? Pay attention because the issue should be taken care of as soon as possible, especially if you want your food to be cooked properly. The most common reason you have this problem is because the seal on the inside of your oven door is faulty. But don't worry, you don't need to invest in a new oven at this point. Instead, it's usually a rather easy fix: Simply have the gasket replaced.

The gasket is a tube made out of braided rubber or fiberglass that goes around the circumference of the interior of your oven's window. Its purpose is to seal your oven and trap the heat inside. If the gasket isn't sealed all of the way, then cold air from the outside of your oven is meeting with the heat inside, leading to moisture building up on the inside of the window. That's why it's essential to make sure it's sealed correctly or you'll have trouble cooking your food evenly. Your oven will also work overtime to maintain its temperature, so you'll waste more gas or energy when you cook.

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Replacing Your Oven Gasket

Built-in oven door opened
Built-in oven door opened - Cliff Day/Shutterstock

As annoying as the issue is, it's not very complicated to have it repaired. If you're the handy type around the house, then you might be able to take care of it yourself. We aren't suggesting this if you have no experience, but there are DIY YouTube videos that will walk you through the replacement process. A quick search online shows that a standard gasket can cost as low as $14 and up to $40, depending on the type of oven. It's best to contact your oven's manufacturer to ask about the gasket replacement if you can't find it online.

You can also call a professional repairman, who probably has plenty of experience replacing oven door gaskets. If your oven has a warranty, then you might want to call the manufacturer to see if the fix is covered. Are you a renter? Contact your landlord and let them handle the issue so you don't use the wrong part and risk losing your security deposit.

If your oven gasket is replaced and you still see moisture, it might be caused by cooking high-moisture foods like casserole or whole turkey. In this case, the moisture should eventually dissipate after you're done cooking.

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