The Absolute Best Dip Pairings For Your Veggie Platter

Vegetables and dip
Vegetables and dip - Kubatina Katerina/Shutterstock

When making a veggie platter, it's easy to use ranch or hummus as your dip of choice and call it a day. However, there are so many different dips from around the world you can use for a more creative spin. Plus, this lends to a much more unique spread with a better balance of flavors.

Chef Priyanka Naik, self-taught Indian vegan award-winning chef, Food Network champion, TV host, author of The Modern Tiffin, columnist of "Ecokitchen" for The Washington Post, pop-up restaurateur and a TEDx Speaker, knows her stuff. She spoke with Daily Meal and gave some exclusive insights into what dips you can use to really elevate a veggie platter. "My rule is something spicy, something sweet-ish, something salty," she notes. This method gives your guests a choice depending on what flavors they prefer. Plus, it allows for creative mixing and matching -- perhaps you'll pair acidic tomatoes with a sweet dip or let watery celery cool down a spicy dip.

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Get Creative And Find A Balance With Your Dips

Bowls of various dips
Bowls of various dips - Fcafotodigital/Getty Images

Half the fun of playing around with sweet, spicy, and savory dips is that you can get creative. "For something spicy, I love including an Indian green chutney made with cilantro, green chilis, ginger, and lime juice," Priyanka Naik explains. However, that's just one option. You could also try a North African feel by making a mayonnaise and harissa combo for veggies. You'll get a slight bite from the harissa while the mayo adds a creamy, cooling effect. Or, for more creamy and spicy combos, try a spicy avocado hummus. The nutty taste of the avocado works well against the veggies, but the spread also adds a kick.

Of course, spicy dips aren't the only ones you can use with a veggie platter. Whether you like sweet or salty, Naik has a couple of suggestions: "For something sweet-ish, I love including a fig jam or dates blended with tahini and coarse sea salt. And for the salty, I like including an olive tapenade or a smoked baba ghanoush topped with Maldon sea salt." With that said, you can come up with other creative choices. Another option might be to use a pumpkin cream cheese dip for a tangy and slightly sweet option. Or, if you prefer salt, go for a cream cheese-based onion dip. With this combination of sweet, salty, and spicy, you'll have no problem making the best veggie platter!

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