Watchdog finds A Current Affair in breach of privacy

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A Current Affair was found to have breached the privacy of a story subject. Photo: Nine

A Current Affair is in hot water after the media watchdog found the program breached privacy rules in segments on an Uber driver early this year.

The Australian Media and Communications Authority, or ACMA, published it’s finding that the Channel Nine program breached an individual’s privacy in a statement on Friday.

The segments in questions were broadcast on the 19the and 27th of February this year.

The initial broadcast focused on a passenger who alleged they left their wallet in an Uber only to have their bank card used by the driver.

The allegation has not been proven.

A follow-up segment on the driver, who complained to the program after the first story, was also found to be in breach of privacy.

The finding comes after the watchdog undertook an investigation on the back of a complaint lodged.

The complaint argued the two stories contained several inaccuracies and breached privacy.

The judgment stated that in revealing the driver’s date of birth and other details in the second segment the program crossed the line.

“A Current Affair has stumbled on this occasion, especially in regard to respecting a person’s right to privacy,” ACMA chair Nerida O’Loughlin said in a statement.

“In this instance, the ACMA investigation found there were insufficient public interest grounds for the material to be broadcast.”

It seems the network will incorporate the example into future decision making and training, with no official penalty handed down.

Channel Nine has been contacted for comment.

Another blow for Nine

The Today show lineup was axed after less than a year on air. Photo: Nine

It’s a blow for Channel Nine who have weathered a tumultuous conclusion to the year.

60 Minutes was slammed in September over a divisive ‘exposé’ on Meghan Markle, with fans taking to social media to savage the inclusion of controversial critics of the duchess.

The network confirmed a dramatic shakeup to the Today show earlier this week, which saw veteran reporters axed for a fresh lineup after a year of shaky ratings.

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