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Work around their schedule and be on time.

New parenthood is an exhausting, sleep-deprived, overwhelming time. If you've been given the green light on a specific time to visit, it's important to remember that time was probably chosen carefully to fit in both parent and baby's schedule, so be punctual. Not early, not late.

9 Nonnegotiable Rules of Visiting a Newborn

When the first friend in your group has a baby, it can be overwhelming to know what exactly to do when you want to go meet your new squad member. But it's important to remember that newborns are delicate creatures, and their parents even more so. Visiting the family, no matter how closely related or emotionally tight you are with the new parents, requires sensitivity, planning, and adherence to a specific set of rules. But don't freak out yet! There is a way to stop by respectfully that'll make sure no one feels too pressured or overwhelmed. Just follow these guidelines, and you're sure to be invited back again.

And if you're the new parent (congrats!) worried about your loved ones' historic lack of boundaries, send them this list today! You'll have a more peaceful re-entry into your new life with your little one.


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