9 Home and Away spoilers for next week

Home and Away spoilers follow for UK viewers.

Next week on Home and Away, Cash finds himself in a major predicament after his attempts to help Harper and Dana.

Elsewhere, Rose meets her long-lost father Samuel, and Felicity faces a difficult decision over the Restorative Justice programme.

Here's our guide to nine big moments coming up.

1. A new enemy for Cash arrives

cash newman and ds madden in home and away
Channel 5

Cash investigates the case against Harper's sister Dana by meeting DS Madden, the detective who's actively pursuing her. The Summer Bay policeman tries to raise some of his concerns about potential holes in the case, but this risks him appearing overly invested in an investigation that he wasn't assigned to.

Madden tries to explain Cash's points away. Once alone, he calls an unknown contact and demands information on Cash's background.

2. Felicity seeks advice from Harper

felicity newman in home and away
Channel 5

Felicity faces a big decision after her attacker Jeremy asks to meet with her as part of a Restorative Justice programme. Eden thinks it's a bad idea, but Cash admits that he has known survivors of crimes to find it helpful in the past.

Cash sets up a meeting between Felicity and Harper, who has additional knowledge from her history as a social worker. Harper confirms that she has also known it to work well, but she also points out that it's not for everyone.

3. Harper and Dana are caught out

cash newman and dana matheson in home and away
Channel 5

Cash is horrified when he pays a visit to Harper at Irene's house and discovers that she's hiding Dana there. He complains that he's now compromised and Irene could be too.

As there's a warrant out for Dana's arrest, Cash insists on bringing her down to the police station. However, when they're in the car together, Cash listens to Dana's side of the story and realises that she's innocent.

Madden's behaviour has also raised some red flags, so Cash decides to let Dana continue secretly staying at Irene's while they continue the fight to prove her innocence.

4. Theo considers his future

theo poulos in home and away
Channel 5

Theo wants to quit music for good following the breakdown of Lyrik, but Justin urges him not to give up on his dream. Justin sets up a meeting between Theo and Forrest, pitching Theo as the label's next big solo signing.

When Remi later finds Theo spending time with Forrest, he fears that another member of Lyrik is about to walk from the band.

5. Remi turns violent

remi carter in home and away
Channel 5

When Remi next sees Theo, he reacts angrily over his perceived betrayal and punches him in the face. With memories of her violent ex flooding back, Bree is horrified by her partner's outburst and urges him to walk away.

Remi later meets up with Theo and apologises for crossing the line. He's relieved when Theo forgives him – and reveals that he has turned down the solo contract.

6. Rose meets her father

rose delaney and samuel edwards in home and away
Channel 5

Rose drops off a letter at the home of her biological father Samuel and is pleasantly surprised when he immediately responds by asking to meet.

When Rose faces Samuel, she asks some awkward questions about why he wasn't part of her life. Samuel insists that he had no idea that Rose's mum Yvette was pregnant and would have supported her if he'd known.

Samuel is clearly keen to make up for lost time and Rose is touched when he invites her to add her name to the list of generations documented in a family Bible.

7. Alf's new attitude sparks confusion

John Palmer and Alf Stewart talk in Home and Away
Channel 5

Alf returns to Summer Bay with new hearing aids, but John fears that they're not working after his frenemy smiles through a Surf Club meeting without raising any objections. It's a big surprise that Alf is seemingly agreeing with John's stance on everything.

Later, Alf cheekily shares the truth with Marilyn by revealing that he has been secretly turning off the hearing aids every time John speaks.

8. Felicity heads to the police station

felicity and cash newman in home and away
Channel 5

Felicity visits the police station in the hope of watching the footage that Jeremy used to blackmail her. She believes that this could be an alternative way of seeking closure, rather than going through the Restorative Justice programme.

Cash believes that it's a bad idea, but he respects Felicity's wishes and provides her with the video file. At the last moment, Felicity can't go through with watching it and starts to consider the Restorative Justice option again.

9. Xander struggles with a new housemate

xander delaney in home and away
Channel 5

Kirby and Bree swap houses after recent tensions within Lyrik, but Xander struggles to adjust to the changes. He confides in Mac about how much he's missing Bree's quiet and clean approach to being a flatmate, in comparison to the chaos surrounding Kirby and her music career.

Mac encourages Xander to be honest with Kirby to resolve the issue, but she also promises to let him stay at her place if things ever become too much.

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