9 ways to beat winter weight gain

Sarah Carty
Senior Lifestyle & Entertainment Producer

In the words of Jon Snow, ‘winter is coming’, and while salads and juices are satisfying in the summer, there’s nothing like some comfort food to get your through the colder months.

But as our pantries expand with delicious tasty treats, our waistlines tend to follow suit

Be spoke with Dietician Caitlin Anderson for her top tips on how to beat the winter weight gain this year.

Choose vegetarian protein sources

Edamame, tofu, legumes and tempeh are some examples of vegetarian protein sources. Not only will these plant-based power houses fuel all your good gut bugs, but they will also maintain your energy and prevent sugar crashes.

As winter gets closer, it gets harder to say no to junk food. Photo: Getty Images

Feel the burn
Get into the routine of doing an early morning workout because lean muscle actually burns more calories when you’re at rest than when you’re exercising.

Stay hydrated
Water makes up two thirds of our bodies and plays an important role in removing waste, aiding digestion, lubricating joints and regulating blood pressure.

Research suggests that drinking cooler water can boost your metabolic rate by up to thirty percent.

Add resistant starch
Wholegrain cereals (such as steel cut or rolled oats), heavy grain bread, legumes, vegetables and fresh fruit are all excellent sources of dietary fibre and resistant starch.

When we include fibre-rich foods in our diets, we can improve our short and long-term bowel health, maintain weight and also control our appetite.

We spoke with a dietician on how to beat the dreaded winter weight gain. Photo: Getty Images

Choose low calorie vegetables at dinner
Fill up your plate with dark leafy green vegetables like spinach, bok choy, collard greens and kale for an iron-boost as well other low caloriel veggies such as capsicum, cauliflower, asparagus, tomato and cucumber. Limit your starchy vegetables, such as potato and taro.

Spice it up
Bring your food alive with antioxidant-rich spices such as turmeric, cumin, cinnamon, ginger and paprika to boost your immune system.

Plan your meals
Writing down your main meals and planning your snacks – particularly if it’s with someone else – prevents you from purchasing any high-energy treats, saves you money and ensures your body is receiving the best possible nutrition.

Choose a healthy café or restaurant
When catching up with a friend, do your research. If you’re social and find yourself eating out regularly, do yourself a favour and purchase a ‘nutrient-packed’ option from a local eatery and try to limit eating out to weekends only or twice per week.

Opt for coffee with a superfood twist
Before You Speak Coffee have created coffee sachets with a superfood twist to help boost your health and wellbeing.

They have ingredients like MCT’s to help metabolise unwanted fat and green bean coffee extract to assist with blood sugar management and appetite control, to help curb those winter binging instincts.

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