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Though infants are not developed enough to learn how to swim, there are some guidelines for having them in the pool.

  • Keep your baby in your arms at all times.
  • Make sure they are wearing a swimming diaper to avoid fecal matter getting into the pool (which can be harmful to all other swimmers).
  • An infant can drown in an inch of water in under 30 seconds, so be aware of water levels in buckets, inflatables, and tubs.
  • Keep rescue and first-aid equipment near the pool at all times.

8 Tips For Teaching Your Kid How to Swim Like a Fish This Summer

With pool covers being tossed aside with joy and inflatable kiddie pools filling all over the country, it's definitely the time to talk to your kids about pool safety, and - if they haven't already learned - to teach them how to swim. You could send your kid to swimming classes (if you're able to safely amid the pandemic) or do it right in your own backyard or community pool (using videos, if needed).

Either way, these eight tips will help your child become a better swimmer and decrease the chances of a water accident during this summer spent mostly at home.


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