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I love that my kids have amassed a huge collection of children's books, but now that my youngest is four, many of his baby and board books have been collecting dust for some time now. If you're in a similar situation, now's the time to edit your library. Books that have seen better days (teething can be brutal on board books) should be recycled, while those that are in good shape can be donated or passed down to younger friends or family members. Those that remain should be organized on a bookshelf or using another creative book storage solution.

8 Kid-Focused Spring Cleaning Items Moms Need to Add to Their To-Do Lists

We can practically smell Spring in the air, which means there's no better time to make room for a new, and much more kid-friendly, season. No matter how neat and tidy you keep your house, if that house includes kids, I'm willing to bet you've collected some serious clutter since the holidays. We've rounded up eight categories of kid stuff that need your attention during this year's Spring cleaning session. From the wearable items they're about to outgrow to the toys they've ignored during the months they've been stuck inside, now's the time to clean up and clear out. Here's where to start.


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