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Pre-cut fruits and vegetables

Last summer, the U.S. had an outbreak of salmonella that was traced to pre-cut cantaloupe, watermelon, and honeydew that was sold in stores like Costco, Walmart and Whole Foods.
Because melons grow in the ground, they’re exposed to possible pathogens that can be transferred to the flesh of the fruit when you cut through it with a knife. Cantaloupe in particular poses a risk because of it mesh-like skin where bacteria can accumulate.
The fruit should be kept on ice once its been cut. If it’s not being eaten right away, put it in the fridge.
Pre-cut salads and vegetables can also be sources of listeria.

The 8 foods a health inspector will never eat

During her career as a health inspector, Lynn K. Richards has seen it all — and as a result, there are a few foods she knows better than to put on her plate.

We’ve rounded up eight items that Richards – who is a food-safety consultant and trainer – will never touch.

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