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It Helps You Feel Young

Speaking of acting the way you did when your love was new, certain kinds of flirting can help you feel like a teenager again. Making out on your couch without going all the way, anyone?

7 Reasons You Should Flirt With Your Partner No Matter How Long You've Been Together

Growing up, many of us probably had a friend whose parents somehow managed to just have "it" - chemistry that seemed to draw them together over and over again no matter how long they'd been together. For me, that couple was my own mom and dad. Despite my siblings and me constantly protesting that it was "gross" when our parents basically made out in front of us, it was clear that what they had going on was actually a really good thing. By the time I was in college, the protests of "gross" from my friends turned into praises of how cute my parents were together.

Now that I'm in my own long-term relationship, I can appreciate the fact that what my parents had wasn't always easy to maintain. Like all kids, I definitely have memories of my parents fighting and disagreeing on things. But somehow, they managed to always keep flirting - and I think it held them together, even during some pretty rough times. Here are just a couple of reasons it's important to remember to flirt with your partner . . . even if you don't always feel like it.


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