Scott Gooding confesses all: 'I cry at everything!'

He's our heavily inked trainer, who's put the Be team through our paces with his hardcore (but oh-so-worth it) workouts and transformed our clean eating ethos with his sensational smoothie recipes. But not many would know Scott Gooding has much softer side - and bares a quirky tattoo in a cheeky spot. Here our resident PT reveals all, including his favourite cheat meal to his man crush.

My day doesn't begin without... breakfast and a shower.

One thing people don't know about me… I have a fascination with cephalopods (cuttlefish, octopus, squid). Plus I have a jellyfish tattooed on my bum.

My go-to karaoke song… You adore me by Stone Roses.

My hidden talent… I can juggle, with fry pans.

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What’s something you can’t do (but wish you could)… Sing! I’m learning this year, though so watch out.

Superhero talent you wish you had… Hands down, flying – who wouldn’t want to fly?!

Most used app on my phone... Instagram.

Most embarrassing song on my iPhone... I just had a look and couldn’t find one embarrassing song, but maybe you should ask my son or friends if I have any.

My go-to workout track… Faithless live.

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Favourite body part to train... Legs.

My workout of choice... Olympic lifting.

I’m currently binge watching... Narcos.

All-time favourite movie… There Will Be Blood.

The movie that made me cry my eyes out... Probably the last one I watched – I cry at everything!

My celebrity crush… Started young with Toyah Wilcox and Bjork, then Tori Amos but these days it’s David Attenborough all the way!

Favourite cheat meal... A bunless burger. Is that really cheating though!?

Scott Gooding with former Olympian Liesel Jones
Scott Gooding with former Olympian Liesel Jones

Secret sweet treat… Dark chocolate with sea salt.

My go-to smoothie recipe is... Coconut cream, tahini, cinnamon, nutmeg, protein powder mixed with half a banana.

Last meal I made… Baked salmon with sautéd Tuscan kale with chilli and garlic.

My last meal on earth would be… 14 hour slow-cooked beef cheeks cooked in star anise, cinnamon, Chinese five spice and honey.

Most used ingredient in the kitchen… Garlic and butter.

I take my coffee... Long and black. I’m abstaining at the moment though.

Cocktail of choice... Negroni.

Top 3 dinner party guests… David Attenborough, Richard Harris and Michael Parkinson at my favourite restaurant of all time, Cumulus Inc.

The beauty buy I can't live without… Soap!

What’s your signature fragrance... Paco Rabanne – it reminds me of my late father.

The most used item in my wardrobe… My uniform is Nudie Jeans and Springcourt shoes

My desert island survival essentials would include...Fry pan, butter, garlic and a fishing rod.

Scott Gooding's healthy chia pudding
Scott Gooding's healthy chia pudding

Person who most inspires me… Mark Sisson for his perspective on life. And Jamie Oliver for using his fame for greater good.

Proudest moment… Birth of my son.

I'm happiest when... I'm camping.

Mantra or motto I live by... Have integrity in all things you do and the rest will fall into place.

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