This $6 hard boiled egg hack will change your life

Rebekah Scanlan
Senior Lifestyle & Entertainment Producer

Peeling a hard boiled egg has got to be one of the most tedious tasks of all time.

But a nifty new hack is trending online — and it is going to blow your mind!

Yes, you read that right. There’s nothing eggy about that statement.

Aussies love eggs, especially with avo on toast. But the beloved hard boiled variety can be tricky and very messy. Source: Getty

It’s all thanks to a simple gadget that allows the egg to cook as if in a shell, when in fact you’ve already cracked it open. Woah. 

Let us explain.

Instead of cooking the egg in it’s shell the traditional way, you use a silicone pod called an ‘Egglette’.

To cook, you simply crack the egg into the pod and a few minutes later you have the perfect hard boiled egg without all that annoying peeling and mess.

This $6 gadget will change every egg lovers life! Source: eBay

It sounds too good to be true, but people on social media are literally going nuts for it.

According to online marketplace eBay, this egg-tastic utensil is proving very popular at the moment and we can see why.

After all, solving the faff that is peeling a hard boiled egg is hard to beat.

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