These People All Had Really Simple, But REALLY Genius Ideas, And I Love Them For That

1.This smarty pants who found an excellent additional use for a pool noodle.

a pool noodle as an arm rest
Bosuns_Punch / Via

2.This animal lover who had a good idea.

a rubber doormat attached to the edge of a pool, making a kind of ladder for any animal to climb out easily
OkMaybeLater90 / Via

3.And this pet parent who created the simplest hack to keep their fur baby from chasing squirrels.

A dog with a long wooden kitchen spoon attached to its collar, stopping it from going through the porch fence
adamchain / Via

4.This smart seamster who shared a simple, but genius hack to sew in a straight line.

A person sewing with two marks on their thumbnail to create a straight and consistent stitching line

5.And the person who came up with this smart door latch that doubles as an accessories holder in a public restroom.

a door latch that folds down and has a tray

6.The person at DFW airport who added these lights to the bathroom stalls so you can tell which are available.

Lights on bathroom stalls

7.The genius traffic light designer who made this one with an hourglass to help count down the time left before the light changes.

traffic lights with a light in the middle that is shaped like an hour glass showing light pour down into the lower section

8.And the person who came up with the idea of adding crossing lights on the ground that turn green/red — helpful for people who are basically glued to their phones!

Lights on the ground of a crosswalk

9.The person who figured out this simple "hack" for drying a toilet brush.

A toilet brush held between the seat and the bowl but the seat, so it can drip dry into the bowl
callMeSIX / Via

10.The person who had the idea to sort this furniture hardware by step rather than type.

Furniture hardware separated by steps in different blister packs

11.And this bird of a feather who laid it out REALLY simple.

Bolts and steps for building furniture

12.This clever cook who shared a neat trick to measure honey in a baking recipe.

A measuring cup in flour

13.And the smarty who added this drawing on a pasta box to help gauge the quantity of pasta you need/use.

A drawing for measuring pasta

14.The restaurant owner who had the foresight to install both unscented (for before eating) and scented (for after eating) soap dispensers.

Unscented and scented soap dispensers

15.The person who came up with this simple life improvement — fan pull chains that have a light bulb and fan blades at the end to indicate which chain to pull.

Pull chains on a fan
bailee77499 / Via

16.And this restaurant owner who had these neat lights installed to get your server's attention silently.

Lights on a table

17.The smarty pants who designed this ruler to have cascading millimeter marks so it's easier to read.

A clear ruler with millimeter marks of different lengths

18.This super smart grandpa who sorted his extra sauce packets into a case.

A tackle box filled with extra sauce packets

19.This mom who painted an outlet to blend in with its surroundings.

A camouflaged outlet

20.Whoever designed these benches to be reversible so you can choose your view.

A wood bench with a back that flips from one side to the other

21.And then, the person who made this bench on rails so you can always be in the shade.

A bench on rails

22.And, wait!! MORE benches!! The clever designer who came up with this bench/ad, which is just really cool-looking IMO.

A bench that looks like a Kit Kat bar

23.The clever person that designed this store to have different surfaces to "road test" strollers.

A baby store with wood, stone, and brick flooring areas next to strollers

24.The person who incorporated kick buttons on these elevators.

Large up and down buttons on the wall down by the floor next to an elevator door

25.The smarty pants who designed this toilet to have a sink attached to the top — this is so you can re-use the sink water in the next flush in order to help save water.

A sink on a toilet

26.The genius that designed this shirt with buttons on the inside as well to help prevent annoying boob-gap.

A button-up shirt with an extra layer of buttons on the inside flap

27.This intelligent paper bag designer who just wants to help.

A paper grocery bag with instructions on how to pack it properly

28.The helpful person who designed these stairs with a groove on the side to make carrying bikes easier.

A groove for bikes on the side of a staircase

29.The person who designed this umbrella to only show the logo when it rains.

A wet umbrella with a pattern forming where raindrops are

30.The mastermind who created this pan with a thermochromic indicator to show if it is hot.

A frying pan with a circle that changes color after it is heated

31.The person who decided to incorporate a window on this toaster.

A toaster with a clear side so you can watch your bread slices toast

32.The smarty who designed this spatula with a little stand.

A spatula with a little metal kickstand

33.The canny person at this library who created "binge boxes" to loan out.

Plastic boxes holding several movies of the same genre

34.And the equally clever person at this library who made cake pans available to check out.

Cookware for checking out at the library

35.The absolute genius who added this small, but highly useful, feature to an oven — showing the time you started cooking.

An oven that shows the start time

36.The earth-conscious inventor of these cardboard hangers in a store.

a cardboard hanger in a store with a towerl on it

37.And this eco-friendly bar owner who opted to start using pasta as straws instead of plastic.

long tube shaped pasta in a caddy on a bar counter

38.These young Girl Scouts, aka geniuses, who posted up outside a local dispensary to sell cookies.

girl scouts with a table setup selling cookies selling outside a cannabis store

39.The person who packed this tube with a tongue depressor attached to prevent it from rolling around.

A tongue depressor on a tube

40.The genius who came up with this gate design that allows horses but not vehicles.

a metal gate that has a dip in the middle for horses to step over but is not wide enough for a vehicle

41.The genius designer who created this cool dining table that houses a secret spiral staircase.

a round wood table that when you lift up the top part reveals a spiral staircase going to the floor below

42.The handy cat parent who repurposed an old TV into a lovely cat bed for their cat's birthday.

a vintage television set with the wood frame that's been gutted, inside a cat sits on a soft mat

43.This landscaper who leaves a rectangle of wildflowers so bees can use them.

A rectangle of flowers in a patch of grass

44.The designer of this hotel phone in Iceland that has a special button to wake you up if there are northern lights in the sky.

a regular hotel phone with a button that says norther lights wake up

45.The person who designed this cool jacket with a hand-me-down label.

A hand-me-down label

46.The thoughtful movie theater employee who created this helpful chart that tells people if there is an end credit scene.

a chalk board with movie titles and either yes or no next to it under the mid credit or end credit section

47.The retail store designer who had the wisdom to make this hanger for a dressing room.

A hanger saying "Yes Maybe No"

48.The clever tire-maker who incorporated a tread depth measurer built into the rubber.

A tread measure on a tire

49.The clever person who dreamed up this device that shows how much blood a local blood bank has.

six tall digital displays with different blood types listed and a bar meter keeping track of how much volume each blood type has

50.Finally, the high-key genius who created this Oreo cookie holder that attaches to a glass, thus making them smarter than literally all of us.

A cookie holder on a glass

We salute you.

fuzziblanket / Via

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