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Cozy Gingerbread House

Create the perfect seasonal display when you make a cozy gingerbread house. We won't tell if you take a couple bites of the exterior!

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70 Christmas Desserts That Will Have Your Guests Coming Back For Seconds (and Thirds)

Every Christmas dinner absolutely needs a delicious dessert to complete it, right? You can go for cookies, cake, pie, fudge, or whatever else your heart desires, as long as your feast is finished off with a sweet treat. We've pulled together countless ideas to choose from (with no flavor or recipe type left behind!) because we know you want options.

Read ahead to get inspiration for what to serve after your savory start, be it turkey, ham, prime rib, or a satisfying veggie dish. You could even pick three or four desserts to serve - cookies make a great accent for a bundt cake! Whatever you choose, your guests will thank you for these decadent treats. Happy holidays from our table to yours!

- Additional reporting by Lauren Harano


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