5 Types of Pothos to Choose From for Your Next Low-Maintenance Houseplant

These easy-care plants make great additions to indoor gardens.

<p>Akchamczuk/Getty Images</p>

Akchamczuk/Getty Images

Pothos are some of the easiest houseplants to grow indoors. These plants don’t require too much maintenance, so they’re great picks for novice and aspiring indoor gardeners.  Not only can they adorn window sills, your kitchen counters, and sun-exposed tables, their gorgeous leaves can also drape from hanging baskets, creating a dramatic and appealing environment in your home.

And if you're not all that familiar with these plants, you may not know that there are plenty of different types of pothos to choose from. Below, find out more about these popular plants and some common varieties that make great houseplants.

Common Characteristics of Pothos Plants

Most Pothos are climbing or trailing plants beloved for their tolerance to a wide range of growing conditions, making them easy to care for indoors. “They tolerate low light but thrive in medium to bright light; they hold up pretty well if you forget to water from time to time, and their relatively thick leaves mean they don’t require high-humidity conditions,” says Dan Stuppiello, division merchandise manager of live goods at The Home Depot. A lot of the more common Pothos varieties also feature variegated foliage that’s streaked, splashed, or otherwise marked with shades of white, cream, yellow, or green, he says. “And, in general, Pothos varieties are also super-easy to propagate—so you can readily share them with friends and family,” he adds.

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Types of Pothos

Golden Pothos

<p>Brendan Maher/Getty Images</p>

Brendan Maher/Getty Images

A tried-and-true variety, this plant features dark green, heart-shaped leaves variegated with cream, gold, and yellow. “It’s relatively quick growing, making it super gratifying,” Stuppiello says. “Like most Pothos, the leaves will get a lot larger if you grow it up vertically in a warm, bright place, making it an absolute showstopper in the home.”

Global Green Pothos



This one is a newer variety out of Japan that features striking green-on-green variegation, Steuppiello says. “The medium-green leaves have irregular darker green edges and each leaf is unique and interesting,” he says. “ It’s also one of the faster-growing varieties because it has more chlorophyll to fuel growth.”

Manjula Pothos



This slower-growing pothos variety has dark green leaves marbled or streaked with white, cream, gray, and light green. “This plant’s leaves tend to be a little larger than other varieties and there tends to be a wider range of variegation patterns from individual leaf to leaf,” Stuppiello says.

Neon Pothos

<p>Akchamczuk/Getty Images</p>

Akchamczuk/Getty Images

This pothos type is an older variety that’s still plenty popular today, thanks to its leaf color. “Rather than being variegated like most pothos, this one has leaves entirely in chartreuse,” Stuppiello says. “The more light it gets, the brighter the leaves will be.” This makes it stand out against other varieties and create a stunning contrast against traditional houseplants with dark green leaves, he notes.

Marble Queen Pothos

<p>Firn/Getty Images</p>

Firn/Getty Images

One of the oldest and most common varieties, this pothos pick features heart-shaped green leaves marbled with creamy white streaks.

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