5 things that men do on public transport which are worse than women applying makeup

Olivia Morris
Lifestyle & Entertainment Producer

So, apparently it’s “lazy” and “selfish” for women to apply makeup on public transport. Um, sorry. What?

Journalist Nina Myskow recently appeared on Good Morning Britain, claiming women should know their “boundaries” on trains.

According to her, applying your makeup is a big no-no on public transport.

However, I wholeheartedly disagree. If doing my makeup during my morning commute means I can grab an extra 15 minutes in bed, then I’ll bloody well do it thanks very much.

It actually puts the redundant time you spend commuting into good use. #WINNING.

In light of this, I’ve decided to take it upon myself to detail some gross things men do on public transport which are worse than women applying makeup.

Disclaimer: I’m fully aware some of these things may apply to women too, but in my experience men do them more. 


Ah, yes manspreading – the male specimen in their true form. But like, why on public transport?

Sorry if you’re junk may be slightly uncomfortable, but I am too on this bus and you spreading your legs as wide as nature will let you is not helpful at all.

It’s also not a pretty sight to see if you’re on the train if someone is sitting across from you.

Adjusting your, er, parts

We’re all human and we all get uncomfortable in all places of our bodies, including certain parts.

Yeah, you might be keeping yourself warm, or scratch an itch.

However, this is a kind plea – if possible, just wait until your home. That way we’re all winners.

Picking your nose and eating it

There’s nothing else to say on this other than, just don’t.

Nail clipping

It’s one of those heinous tasks we all hate doing, but it needs to be done just not on public transport.

One guy on the London underground was spotted earlier this year doing just this and the clipped nails were “flying everywhere”.

 Suffocating farts

Whilst many go by Shrek’s motto of “better out than in” – which may be true in some cases – there is a time and a place and it’s not on a crowded train.

Just please, NO.

As long as we’re all considerate on public transport – whether you’re doing your makeup or not – that’s all that matters.

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