5 Things Blocking Your Manifestations—and How to Fix Them

Manifestation is all the rage right now, with viral videos sharing self-love affirmations and Law of Attraction techniques, providing all the juicy tips you need to totally change your life. The mind is a powerful tool for manifesting, but sometimes you can be standing in your own way without even knowing it. Everything is energy, and if you've been struggling to see your manifestations come to fruition lately, there are a few tricks you can use to realign your energy and make space for new blessings to flow into your life.

Recently, spiritual creator Nadia Khaled (@Nadia.Khaledd), who shares her viral manifesting techniques with her followers, shared a list of things she would stop doing if you want to manifest your dream life. Khaled explains how she spent years trying to figure out how to use the Law of Attraction to launch her career, but once she realized she was subconsciously sabotaging herself, everything clicked into place. Now, Khaled uses her platform to share manifesting tips to help people tap into their power. Here's a look at Khaled's top tips for clearing out energy blockages to attract lasting success.

How to Stop Blocking Yourself from Manifesting Your Desires

1. Stop Talking Shit About Yourself

Your words hold more power than you realize, so be mindful of what you say when manifesting. "If I was having trouble manifesting, I would stop speaking negatively about myself or my reality," says Khaled. She adds that your subconscious mind cannot tell the difference between what's real and what's fake, meaning that all that self-deprecating humor you've been using will manifest into your self-confidence. So, no more joking about how annoying or lazy you are—instead, replace those thoughts with self-love affirmations.

2. Stop “Hoping” and “Wishing” for Things to Happen

Manifestation begins with believing that what you want is already yours. Speaking passively about your desires can delay your dreams. "When you're a conscious creator, the mindset is 'I will get it at the right time,' and if not this, then something better," advises Khaled. She says the best way to make your desires a reality is to show confidence and discuss your manifestations in the present tense as if they've already happened.

For example, switch from phrases like "I hope I get this new job" to "I'm so grateful for my new job—I love my new job," and repeat these affirmations until they become your reality.

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3. Stop Trying to Run Away from Negative Emotions

Emotions are a powerful source of creation in our lives, and our feelings can positively and negatively influence our direction. For many, difficult emotions are hard to face, and we tend to brush them aside or ignore them. However, these negative emotions can be one of the biggest blockages for your manifestations, so it's important to face them directly and embrace what they tell you. "You need to give yourself space to feel your negative emotions so you can alchemize them," says Khaled. "In this corner, we like to feel our feelings even if it's painful. Allow your emotions to cycle through in a natural flow."

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4. Stop Reacting to Lack

One of the biggest blockers of manifestations is a negative mindset about your current situation. Manifesting takes time to actualize; the bigger your dreams, the longer it takes for the universe to work its magic. That's why Khaled emphasizes the importance of patience while all the pieces come together. If you don't have what you want at this exact moment, stop reacting to that emotionally. "Where awareness goes, energy flows," Khaled says. "Reacting to lack keeps you in a vicious cycle of feeling like you never get what you want." She suggests working with daily meditations and affirmations to interrupt that thought pattern and realize that your old thoughts influence your current mindset.

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5. Stop Worrying About the “How”

The 'how' of your manifestations coming to reality is none of your business—that's for the universe to decide. Your job is to detach from the outcome and fully embrace each stage of the ascension experience. Focus on what you can control and be flexible with how the journey unfolds. "The universe will work out the how for you," says Khaled. "It will pull all the strings and move all the necessary pieces. You gotta chill." Let the process unfold. Things will move quickly and easily when you're operating in alignment with your destiny. When you feel resistance, ask yourself if you're the one creating it without even realizing it!

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