5 reasons why this luxe Fijian getaway needs to be on your bucket list

Olivia Morris
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Nowadays it feels like everyone lives life in the fast lane.

With the advancement of technology, the internet and mobile phones, we’re connected 24 hours a day, seven days a week.

So it begs the question: when do we actually switch off? Realistically, never.

More often than not, in order to recuperate and recharge, many will look into getting away from it all on a holiday.

Well, if this is you we may have found the perfect luxe getaway for you.

Source: Nanuku Auberge

Here’s five reasons why the Nanuku Auberge Resort in Fiji needs to be on your holiday bucket list.

Traditional Fijian cooking

For most people, cooking wouldn’t be at the top of their lists in order to unwind.

However, exploring the traditional Fijian way of cooking is oddly relaxing, especially in Nanuku’s ‘Kokoda & Bamboo’ prawn cooking class.

Warning: you are really put to work learning how to dehusk a coconut which, trust me, is a massive workout – or maybe it just was for me.

Source: Nanuku Auberge

If you’re feeling adventurous you can also be tasked with scraping out its contents and pressing it to create coconut milk.

The prawns were then cooked in the bamboo, which I decided to leave to the experts.

Seasoned with chilli and some other herbs, and voila you have your dish – delicious.

Source: Nanuku Auberge

Fijian massage at sunset

Could there be anything more relaxing than a massage at sunset?

Well, yes actually there is – having a traditional Fijian Bobo massage at sunset.

Source: Nanuku Auberge

Using the fingertips, forearms and elbows with a kneading and thumbing technique, you’ll have tension released in places you never even knew you had tension.

The massage, combined with the sunset setting and being by the world = reaching levels of zen you never thought were possible.


While it’s an insanely obvious activity for relaxation, when you’re doing it in total silence, with ocean views and a sea breeze in your face, life doesn’t get much better.

Admittedly I’m extremely uncoordinated and definitely what you would call a novice yogi, but even I was able to reach my inner zen.

Get out on the water

Whilst to some zooming out on a jet ski into the middle of the ocean may not everyone’s idea of reaching optimum relaxation levels, it most certainly can be.

Off the coast of Nanuku you can take in the fresh sea breeze and go hours without seeing another person, because it’s that peaceful.

Source: Nanuku Auberge

If you’re feeling adventurous you can grab a snorkel and explore the marine life in the clear blue waters off the coast of the resort.

Or if you’re looking for something of the more luxe nature, dine on a private island with a gourmet picnic and champagne.

The view

Sometimes we get so caught up in always being busy and having the need to constantly be doing something, we forget to just be.

Something as simple as sitting back on your hotel balcony and taking in your surroundings can be the most relaxing thing of all.

I mean, tell me you don’t find this one of the most tranquil views you’ve ever seen:

Source: Nanuku Auberge

And while Fiji as a whole is an absolutely beautiful country, there’s something about the location of Nanuku which makes it extra special.

Yes, unlike Denaurau Island which is a 15-minute drive from Nadi Airport and very popular with holiday-goers, Nanuku is a far longer journey totally around three hours.

However, what you get in return for the lengthy drive is total peace and serenity.

This type of tranquillity doesn’t come cheap though with room rates starting at $1,075 per night.

But if you really need a serious reboot and recharge, then it’s worth every penny.

Yahoo Lifestyle was a guest of Nanuku Auberge Resort in Fiji in September.

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