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Dyson Hot + Cool Tower Fan Heater

If you live in the Northeast like I do, then you know how expensive it can be to heat your home in the Winter. To combat this, we keep the heat on downstairs during the day, but turn it off at night when we're all asleep upstairs. But being up at all hours with a newborn (or two), throws a wrench in whatever your normal might be.

Dyson's Hot + Cool Tower Fan Heater ($300, originally $450) allowed me to keep the downstairs family room at a comfortable temperature for me and the babies without cranking the heat, or jacking up my bill.

5 Products That Got Me Through My Long and Very Cold Winter Maternity Leave

Bringing home a new baby is one of life's greatest (albeit scariest) milestones. After the initial feelings of euphoria (or terror) start to wear off and the throng of visitors begins to dwindle, you'll be able to establish and settle into your new maternity leave routine. When my first baby was born, our routine was pleasantly simple and, because she was born in Spring, included lots of time outdoors. My twins, on the other hand, arrived just 10 days before Christmas, and oh my god - being on a Winter maternity leave was a special kind of torture.

We live in the Northeast, where frigid temperatures and icy roads are the norm for a solid three months and every flu season seems to be worse than the last. So while I didn't expect to be the kind of mom who holed up with a newborn, I wasn't taking any chances. It only took about two weeks before cabin fever hit - and it hit hard - which made it feel like the longest Winter ever. But luckily, I had the following five things to get me through my hibernation.


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