5 Major Moments From 'The Golden Bachelor' Women Tell All

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Behold: The 'Golden Bachelor' WTA HighlightsJohn Fleenor - ABC

The Golden Bachelor dropped its Women Tell All episode last night, and if you spent the entire evening gently crying into a pillow, you are NOT ALONE, FRIENDS. Instead of the usual drama and bickering that takes place during these group therapy sessions, Gerry Turner's post-split chat with his fleet of ex-girlfriends was cathartic, mature, and deeply emotional for everyone (mostly me). Here's what you missed if for some reason you didn't get a chance to watch due to having a "social life," which, can't relate.

Kathy Squashed Her Beef With Theresa

Kathy made it clear she was over her drama with Theresa (who wasn't there, due to being a finalist), saying, "In the moment, we were all dating one man, and people that know me know that I’m a straight shooter—and watching the show back, could I have been a little more delicate? Absolutely. I could have. Maybe we both should have zipped it! But truly, it’s past. It was in the moment and it’s over. And, you know what, I think Theresa knows that too. Truly, I only wish everyone the best."

Joan Gave Everyone an Update on Her Family

Joan—who left the show early to help take care of her family (her granddaughter was born just 15 days prior to the show filming) said, "Everything is great at home now. My daughter had a really serious case of postpartum depression. And she needed me, she needed her mom. I didn't think twice, I knew I had to be there. I heard it in her voice, I could not get on that plane fast enough."

Joan was also asked by Jesse Palmer if things could have worked out with Gerry had she stayed, and she said, “I think we had a good chance. Gerry helped make me feel visible because he looked at me, and he cared about saying, and he wanted to get to know me. And it's part of that whole conversation about being invisible. Society makes us feel like we've had our chance, and we've raised our children, and it's time now to support the next generation and kinda take a back seat. And Gerry opened my heart."

Ellen Had an Emotional Update About Roberta

Ellen gave Jesse Palmer a heartbreaking update about her friend of 60 years, Roberta, who encouraged her to go on the show.

“When I got back from filming and everything, she was in semi-coma state, and I knew that she was suffering," Ellen said, noting that Roberta had wanted to watch the show with her. "And I knew that she was staying with me so we could share that. I finally said to her, 'I don’t want you to suffer anymore. I want you to go. It’s okay. We’re gonna watch the show, just from different places. Together.' And I shared it with her daughter and my children, and it was a remarkable experience, just to know that she was watching over me. Because I miss her. I miss her a lot.”

Ellen ended up having a sweet moment with Roberta's daughter, who was in the audience and thanked her for being such a good friend to her mom.

Faith Was Sent Home in a True Shock

But Faith got a chance to chat with Gerry about it during the Women Tell All, and Gerry assured her their relationship meant a lot to him and he did genuinely love her. She ended their incredibly emotional (truly so many tears) conversation saying, “I don’t feel like you deceived me. I don’t feel like you purposely broke my heart in any way, shape, or form. And I don’t think my family feels that way, either. I know your heart is true in all the good ways. You’re a beautiful soul and I feel so blessed to have known you. It's been quite a journey hasn't it?"

And Last But Not Least: Kris Jenner Randomly Showed Up!

Via Jesse Palmer's phone.

And naturally she gave Susan a shoutout, saying, "You are amazing and I love your style, love the hair, and you nailed it, doll."

That's basically it, but before we go: FAITH FOR GOLDEN BACHELORETTE.

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