5 flavorful elote (aka Mexican street corn) recipes

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Elote, or Mexican street corn, features a delicious medley of flavors and textures with each bite. The snack-time favorite consists of sweet corn on the cob slathered in creamy sauces and garnished with cheese and other seasonings. Not only do elotes taste delicious, but they’re also easy to whip up in a pinch, especially thanks to the variety of recipes on TikTok. If you’re looking for a new snack to nibble on, here are five tasty elote recipes to spice things up!

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1. Cajun-style elotes

When it comes to any Cajun dish, the power is in the seasoning, and this Cajun-style elote recipe is no exception. First, cook the corn on the cob in a pot of water with crab boil spice mix. Next, grill the corn until it’s evenly charred. Slather the corn in melted butter, followed by a combination of ranch dressing, sour cream, lime zest, finely chopped cilantro and Creole seasoning. Finally, top off the corn with a generous amount of Cotija cheese, cilantro and more Creole seasoning.

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2. Truffle elotes

These truffle elotes take corn on the cob to the next level. Start by grilling corn on the cob until it’s evenly charred. Next, skewer the corn and cover it in butter and truffle-infused mayonnaise. Then sprinkle on Cotija cheese, followed by lime juice, chili-lime seasoning and white truffle-infused hot sauce. Finally, top off the elotes with cilantro and enjoy!

3. Flamin’ Hot Cheetos elotes

While Flamin’ Hot Cheetos taste good on their own, they taste even better on an elote. First, smother butter, mayonnaise and lime juice on skewered grilled corn on the cob. Next, roll the corn in a plate of crushed Flamin’ Hot Cheetos, making sure they’re fully coated in the red powder. Finally, top off the corn with Cotija cheese before serving.

4. Ramen-flavored elote bites

These bite-sized elotes may be small, but they pack a mighty punch. First, boil an ear of corn and slice it into smaller pieces. Next, cover each slice of corn with Kewpie mayonnaise, followed by sriracha. Then roll them in a blend of parmesan cheese, Korean chili flakes and ramen noodle seasoning. Finally, garnish with furikake (Japanese seasoning) and enjoy!

5. Elote in a cup

While most elote recipes feature corn on the cob, this version comes with corn in the cup. Begin by boiling an ear of corn. Then cut the corn off of the cob. Next, combine the corn with butter and mayonnaise. Then sprinkle on some lemon pepper seasoning, followed by Picante sauce and Mexican crema. Finally, add a sprinkle of Tajìn seasoning before serving.

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